Trying to find the meaning of life

featured artist Nancy Lamers

Red Cave, Oil, 48" x 72"
This may seem extremely corny, in fact I almost hesitate to say it, but I believe all of my paintings done in the past 3 years have been about trying to find the meaning of life. Whether it is a stairway, a deep dark cave, or an archaeological site, all paintings suggest the path of my life. I have agonized trying to figure out just what meaning is behind the imagery I feel compelled to paint. I have concluded that the imagery has something to do with turning 50. Ok...midlife crisis. There comes a time, and it seems to come repeatedly, when one takes a long look at life and how itís being lived. Realizing I only have this one life, I examine the course of mine frequently to make sure I am on the right path. Stairways suggest going somewhere. I can never tell precisely where these stairways lead to. The space ahead is foggy and indeterminate. There may be a doorway to go through, but I canít see whatís on the other side of it. Fortunately for me, all of my stairways appear to be going upwards. The only one Iíve painted that appears to descend has a more ominous feeling about it.

I have been painting caves lately. It is dark as you go deeper inside, difficult to see where you are going. The ground is strewn with debris. What is it Iím walking on? This imagery does not seem particularly optimistic to me and I wonder about my feeling that I am going somewhere dark and dangerous. I have come to the conclusion that this is all a natural part of coming to terms with turning 50.

Red Cave, Oil, 48" x 72" 4 Stairs and 9 arches, Oil on canvas, 48" x 60" Green Cave and Entrails Oil on Canvas, 48" x 72", 2003
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