A conservator's report on the proported dammage to our capitol

Our Capitol

by Tony Rajer

Recently, I spent a day in March, 2011 at the State Capitol and examined the interior and exterior of the building and I have found little or no damage to the marble, as had been reported in the press. Furthermore, after discussions with Capital staff, they reported that most political signs had been put up with blue painterís tape, that does not damage surfaces. True there has been some minor graffiti to the exterior statuary, like the base of the Heg statue, and the lawn is a vast sea of mud but the Capital is intact and historic marble statues like Spirit of Wisconsin (1893) and The West (1870) are cordoned off for their protection. These rare statues are especially significant as they are by 19th century women artists from Wisconsin. It looks like our sacred building weathered the storm of democracy and will keep on being a beautiful symbol for all citizens. The press reports were wildly exaggerated is my conclusion.