Work by Milwaukee artist Evelyn Patricia Terry

Evelyn Patricia Terry

Recycled Media Brooch, Found Object 4” x 2 1/2”
Ranges in material exploration allow for divergent directions and surprise outcomes in my artwork. “Art for art’s sake,” reflected in the mixed media monoprints and ongoing brooch assemblages, has always been important. My interest in “race” and “new thought” ideas fuel much of my subject matter” as exemplified by the following (1) “Pandora’s Box Series,” started in the 1990s, (2)”Play the Race Card Series,” which continues, and (3) the “Mother and Child” series planned to develop further as paintings. Artist statements for each body of work can be viewed by clicking on evelynpatriciaterry/news.
Please visit our studio space at Lincoln Center for the Arts, 820 East Knapp Street in Milwaukee on June 10. My newest studio partner, painter Laura Easy Jones is hosting a “a studio clean out sale,” Ras `Ammar Nsoroma, another partner, will create portraits for under $100 and I will sell brooches. Call 414.212.3464 for questions.
My work is also being featured on Gallery Night, Friday, July 29, 5 pm - 9 p.m., in an ongoing exhibition at Cuvée, 177 East Broadway Street, Milwaukee. Contact for more information.

Recycled Media Brooch, Found Object 4” x 2 1/2” Magic Is Dreaming Tall Dreams, Mixed media monoprint, 30” x 22,” 2005 Pandora’s Box: A God Worker Is Born, Pastel 22” x 30,” 2009 Play the Race Card: Passing for American ,18” x 14”, Found Object Assemblage Play the Race Card: To Be Continued ,18” x 14”, Found Object Assemblage
Sacred Precious One, Pastel, 41" x 37" Play the Race Card: USA Patriotic Bride wore Black, Red & Green, 18” x 14”, Found Object Assemblage
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