Self Introduction of your new statewide president.

Peggy Flora Zalucha
My name is Peggy Flora Zalucha. I have been an active member of Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors/ Wisconsin since 1980, and president of the South Central Chapter for four years of its existence and have been voted chapter chair for the next two years. I believe strongly in the mission statement of this organization and am pleased to have the opportunity to encourage and support the arts and WP&S/WAAM during my term of office.
I have cleared the decks of some of my recent responsibilities and will be able to give the group the attention it deserves. I am finishing up my term as President of the Mount Horeb Rotary Club, (part of an international organization) and my term as Secretary of the Watercolor Honor Society (a national art organization).

At the last WP&S/WAAM statewide board meeting in March, I agreed to become the vice president of the State Board. At the time, I thought I had two years to become comfortable with the inner workings of WP&S/WAAM. As Gary Gresl made his decision to step down, he discussed his thoughts and concerns with me. I support him in his need to step away... but not too far away. He will still represent us at the Wisconsin Visual Artists Hall of Fame and continue on as Exhibition Chair for the Biennial. These are two of the most time consuming jobs and I certainly appreciate his experience and continued interest in these projects.

If we were to make a “State of the Organization” analysis, we would find ourselves pleased with the outcome. Our newsletter and website are in good hands with Doug Haynes at the helm. The Japan Exchange is expanding to include all the chapters and is being carried out beautifully by Pat Holt and her committee. The Biennial will be guided by Gary Gresl’s experienced hands.

So, what is there for me to do? I plan to focus on a stronger budget for the organization and an expanded membership. I will work to place more emphasis on the “Wisconsin Artists in All Media” part of our name. There may be more opportunities for our group on the horizon and I want to keep ourselves poised and ready to take advantage of them.

Gary has nurtured, encouraged, and reassured all of us during the past few years. His vision for the state of art in Wisconsin has come to fruition with the Wisconsin Visual Arts Hall of Fame. He is handing me a vital group of artists and I hope that I will be up to the challenge.
WP&S/WAAM is a triumvirate, made up of three deciding bodies. Your chapter presidents; Nancy Lamers in the SouthEast, Charis Congail with NorthEast, and myself in SouthCentral, are the people who make the decisions and vote on the board. Do not hesitate to contact us with your needs, visions, or suggestions. We shall do all we can to keep WP&S/WAAM one of the most interesting and responsive art organizations out there.