A new art center in South East Wisconsin

Delafield Arts Center

by Gary John Gresl

The Delafield Arts Center, occupying over 7,000 square feet in a prominent site in the center of the small city was announced on Facebook in February of this year, and in May Delia Sava was hired as Executive Director. Delia is a long-time Waukesha resident, who brings years of experience with non-profit organizations and a passion for supporting artists of all ages and skill levels.” All the arts are included as the programs evolve, the visual, the literary, performance, with activities for adults and children. A central goal for the center is to serve as an incubator for creative and innovative thinking. A founder of the DAC, and the current President, Susie Steiner, says “We are fortunate to be in a position to help create a dynamic community and to me that is a gift and an opportunity that should be taken seriously and treasured.” Current programing includes exhibits and classes which are tended by a variety of experienced professionals as well as enthusiastic volunteers and interns. The center serves as a focal point and meeting place for various art related organizations. The current exhibit scheduled through August is titled, The View Finder: Three Wisconsin Photographers. Visit the art center at 803 Genesee St. in Delafield or call (262) 303-4865.