The world being born on the back of a turtle

Landfill Art Project

Turtle, Mixed Media, by Jeb Prazak
Jeb Prazak was commissioned by Ken Marquis of Wilkes-barre, PA, to participate in the Landfill Art Project. This is a global reclamation project headed by Mr. Marquis and to date encompasses 400 completed projects, 500 works in progress and represents artists from 51 countries throughout the world.

The participating artist is sent a metal canvas (a hub cap rescued from landfill) that has been sandblasted and prepared for paint. Jeb immediately thought of a turtle and the concept from the legend of the world being born on the back of a turtle. Progress of Jebís turtle project
may be viewed on her website, Other completed works may be viewed on the project site, This work once again reminded Jeb of how a brief idea can grow, change and manifest itself in ways never imagined in the onset. she sees a parallel in the workings of every human mind, once given the freedom and permission to do so without conscious control, a wonder and joy.

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