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Aunt Jean’s Barn, Oil on canvas, 30”x40” - by Susan Hale
Asked about her work, the artist had this to say: “I have always loved to draw and paint. Living, vacationing, and traveling in the Wisconsin countryside is a constant inspiration to me. It seems everywhere I look I see a painting – sunrises on Lake Michigan, golden hay bales scattered in a farm field, popcorn clouds dancing in a pink sky. Color and pattern are important to me. I interpret onto the canvas the energy and connection to nature I feel as I paint. As van Gogh said, ‘...real artists paint things not as they are, in a dry analytical way, but as they feel them.’ I work in oils and like to use a lot of paint, applying it thickly & lusciously - Let the paint talk, I often say.”

Known for her vibrant use of color, Susan Hale’s paintings emit a sense of joy and optimism. “Color is magic to me” she says. She loves to paint outdoors and in her studio, a converted 1860’s fieldstone summer kitchen. Participating in plein-air events is always a highlight of her summer.

Susan’s art is also inspired by the places she have traveled, especially Mexico and Italy. While traveling, she always has sketchbook in hand. A “walk across England” (192 miles) inspired a recent series of paintings. Impressionism and the magical realism of Mexican art have also influenced her. She loves to travel but there is truly “no place like home” as she lives in rural Cedarburg, Wisconsin surrounded by farm fields (and mooing cows).

Working her way through college by exhibiting at art fairs, Susan earned a BFA from the University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee. She is a founding member of the Cedarburg Artists Guild and enjoys volunteering to promote the arts and teaching oil painting. She invites you to visit her studio during Cedarburg’s Covered Bridge Studio Tour October 12-14, 2012.

Aunt Jean’s Barn, Oil on canvas, 30”x40” - by Susan Hale Newborn Clouds, Oil on canvas, 35”x35” - by Susan Hale Pleasant Valley Autumn, Oil on canvas, 30”x40” - by Susan Hale Wisconsin Farmland - Morning, Oil on canvas, 24”x30” - by Susan Hale Summer Dance Corn and Clouds, Oil on canvas, 36”x48” - by Susan Hale
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