carved forms that express the idea of growth patterns within a universal life force

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Big Cedar, Cedar, 6x8x8
Thomas Eddington grew up in the Chicago suburbs and majored in sculpture at the University of Illinois. He currently works from Mukwonago, Wisconsin. His sculptures have been exhibited in galleries throughout the United States, including group and solo shows in New York, Wisconsin and Minnesota. His work has been included in corporate and public art collections - most recently, the Pfizer Corporate Collection, New York City, and the Sharon Lynn Wilson Arts Center, Brookfield, Wisconsin, winning the Eddy award commission.
In the artists words, The sculptures I create are an attempt at carving forms that express the idea of growth patterns within a universal life force.
For Eddington, the act of creating begins with meditation, which allows his ideas to flow freely. He then draws the form hes envisioned on paper to use as a template. The form is transferred to a block of wood or stone, the shape is outlined, and the material that he will carve away is marked.
After blocking out as much of the material as possible with drills and saws, he carves the form with mallets, hammers, and chisels. The shape is then refined with rasps and files.
Recently, Eddington has experimented by starting to carve without a predetermined idea of a form. He accents the grain and the growth patterns of the material with a chisel, rasp, and file. The resulting forms have a wonderfully unique and natural shape because the sculpture reflects a flow of energy based in the organic patterns of the material.
After final shaping with files, he hand sands the piece in progressively finer steps to achieve a smooth finish. He then signs it and applies protective coats of varnish, oil, or stone wax and mounts the piece on a base. Depending on the size and complexity of the piece, the sculptures are product of 60 to 180 hours of labor.
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Big Cedar, Cedar, 6x8x8 Big Cedar, Cedar, 6x8x8 Ascension, Mahogany, 4x6x36 Round River, Walnut, 14x4x4 Spirit, Mahogany, 4x8x20
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