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Broken Smile, Mixed Media, 30” x 24”
RaeAnn Blom is an expressionistic, mixed media artist living in Appleton, Wisconsin. She earned her BA in Studio Arts from the University of Minnesota with an emphasis in painting and drawing.
Acrylic paint and collage is her current choice of medium. Blom works on canvas incorporating a variety of mark making with brushes, palette knives and brayers. Collage elements such as handmade papers, textured wall coverings and photographs are layered within the paint and color in the development of the canvas. Blom chooses her collage items by color, texture, shape or sometimes by the idea or feeling they represent.
“Images of little girls from black and white photographs have found their way into several of my pieces. I’m drawn to their timeless innocence…like a precious memory.”
The process continues with pieces being stripped away, layered with more color and textures, and the canvas is reworked as images and landscape-like features take shape. As layers are built upon, a visual flip flop is created as perspectives overlap and images are abstracted. Special papers block out shapes and create lines and texture, little girls peek through clouds and windows, strong lines intersect at awkward angles.
Blom often uses emotional experience as a catalyst for her work. “The elements and emotions can get complicated. The goal is to find the balance and rein in the composition.” Through expressionism, Blom’s work explores ideas and feelings that are executed with energetic and versatile mark making and collage integration. Her canvases portray thoughtful, allegoric representations and the freedom and mystery of abstraction.

Broken Smile, Mixed Media, 30” x 24” Faded Flowers, Mixed Media, 18” x 24” Window Reflection, Mixed Media, 30” x 24” Glimmer, Mixed Media, 16” x 20” The Air Is Trapped, Mixed Media, 48” x 36”
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