a new endowment goal of $75,000

WVA Endowment

Endowment Goal

We could have an additional
in matching grant funds...
...BUT we need to raise $8,000 to get it!

Congratulations to WVA members and supporters. We reached our $50,000 endowment goal! This was accomplished thanks to a matching grant from the Meyer J. and Norma L. Ragir Foundation, managed by Robert Ragir. A huge thank you to Robert Ragir and to those who sent in their checks to support and grow the Wisconsin Visual Artists Endowment Fund. This money is invested with the Greater Milwaukee Foundation.
We now have a NEW GOAL. When the State board met late in 2011 they set a new endowment goal of $75,000 and once again the Meyer J. and Norma L. Ragir Foundation will give the WVA Endowment $12,500 “IF” WVA can match his donation and raise $12,500.
Our thanks and welcome to Gary John Gresl for taking on the position of Endowment Fund Chair.

Please send WVA Endowment checks to Gary (saganguy@aol.com). Checks are to made out to WVA Endowment and sent to Gary John Gresl / WVA Endowment Fund, 8130 N. 45th St., Brown Deer, WI 5322WVA ENDOWMENT