Don’t Blink

by Monique Isham

It’s time to thank everyone who made Don’t Blink a success! And it was a success!

We’d like to especially thank some for their donations - money, time and space!

Lee Weiss was, again, very generous in making a monetary donation.

Douglas Tuttrup contributed his expertise of lighting and his creative idea of wall structure to hold up the grid work. He, along with Steve Coss, Leon Moore, and Kevin Haack put in their time and energy to construct/deconstruct of the wall structure.

Seven J was the benefactor of the space which the so generously donated.

The exhibit committee of Audrey Paesel, Janet Moore, Judy Coss, Kathy Armstrong, Lori Haack and Monique Isham put in lots of time and energy. Special note needs to be made to Kathy Armstrong who not only was our “guiding light” through all of this, but also did all the graphic and printing involved!

On Saturday, demonstrations were done by Jean Kelly, Metje Butler, Tamlyn Atkins, Peggy Zalucha, Ben Barwick and Pat Zastrow.

By the end of Saturday there were several who stayed to clean up and take down - I’ll have to admit I may not be remembering all, but I do know that besides the regular committee members, Peggy Zalucha and Kaaren Oareck stuck around. Poor Ben Barwick was heading out of town and had car problems, so he stuck around and his added height was much appreciated! My daughter, Michele Harper, also stuck around to help in the “take down”.

If I missed any, I do apologize - there were MANY that helped in this whole project and it made the whole experience a big success. So THANK YOU TO ALL!

OH! and last but not least - a BIG thank you all of you that brought food to the Friday night opening. It was the best lay out of food I’ve ever seen at an “art opening”! No lie!!! Also - A VERY BIG THANK YOU TO FRED PAESEL. He helped in so many ways, including running back and forth to his and Audrey’s home, all of Friday evening, to replenish the wine supply!

It’s been a great experience!

The Exhibit Space Ben Barwick shows the process of casting Jean Kelly at work Katthy Armstrong at Don't Blink
Tamlyn Akins' demonstration of origami Metje Butler Demonstrating
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