A moment of peacefulness

Featured Artist Susan J. Atkinson

Angelic Slumber, 22x16, Watercolor, by Susan J. Atkinson
Susan is well versed in watercolor and has been painting with this media for at least 30 years. She is a Wisconsin native with a passion for art. She has won a number of awards throughout Wisconsin, has had work juried more than once into TWSA (Transparent Watercolor Society of America) as well as the Jack Richeson International Art Competition, something she considers a great honor. She loves to share and teach watercolor, and also currently serves as President/chair of the Bay Area Watercolor Guild in Green Bay, WI.
When Susan creates a piece, she often has an image in her head ahead of time, of what she would like to convey to her audience. She will then move forward and hire a model and take numerous photos of the model to work from. More often than not, she will shoot on location; beach, garden, etc. She finds it easier to work this way and prefers the accuracy of this method. Working from several photos at once allows her to be more detailed in her work. She loves detail and has been told on occasion, that in her practice of adding intense detail to her work, she is bringing order into a chaotic world.
Susan has often felt that life in this current day is hectic and stressful. Her greatest desire is to create a little respite in her art. A moment of reflection, a moment of peacefulness, a place where a person can stop for just a moment and breathe, enjoying the gift of each new day. Some may call this a romantic notion, and certainly, her work conveys the romantic. She feels there is enough dismay, turmoil and sadness in the world and if her work can bring someone to a different place, even just for a moment, then she has accomplished that which she has set forth to do. (Additional images - see back cover.)

Angelic Slumber, 22x16, Watercolor, by Susan J. Atkinson Small Wonder, 22x16, Watercolor, by Susan J. Atkinson Into the Sun, 22x16, Watercolor, by Susan J. Atkinson Summer Splash, 21x15, Watercolor, by Susan J. Atkinson Thoughts to Herself, 30x22, Watercolor, by Susan J. Atkinson
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