WP&S to Manage Exhibition Space in Madison

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Soon, the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts and Letters (WASAL) will be occupying a new gallery space in the Overture Center in Madison. Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors/Wisconsin Artists of All Media (WP&S/WAAM) is being given the opportunity to use and manage the current gallery space located at 1922 University Avenue for six months starting in October 2004.

The Wisconsin Academy Gallery is an important showcase for both new and established Wisconsin artists. We will maintain that ideal by creating a mentoring program, bringing established, professional artists together with less experienced artists, and providing guidance in all aspects of being an art professional. Exhibits will reflect the results of that mentoring. An exhibition committee will be established to identify appropriate candidates and to oversee the process. All participants, except for interns, will be expected to become a member of WP&S/WAAM. All participants will be encouraged to join the Academy.

As well as managing the gallery space, WP&S/WAAM will use the building for monthly meetings and have an office in the building. We anticipate extending the gallery hours to include some evenings and some weekends.

The initial proposal of WP&S/WAAM working with WASAL to manage the gallery space was presented to the State Board in March of 2004 and it was greeted with enthusiasm by the all chapters. Members from all over the state plan to participate in the project.

Mission Statement for “Side by Side” Academy Project
From October 2004 to February 2005, Wisconsin Painters and Sculptors/Wisconsin Artists in all Media will generate six exhibitions for the Wisconsin Academy of Sciences, Arts, and Letters. The focus of these exhibitions will be to create opportunities for emerging artists from Wisconsin and students or interns to work together with experienced, established artists. The purpose is to provide guidance in all aspects of being an art professional.