Nonobjective and stylized images on Yupo


Mardi Dog, 26”x 20”, Watercolor, by Susan Young
Susan has been a watercolor painter for many years working in a variety of styles. For the last several years she has been working on both nonobjective and stylized images using Yupo, a plastic “paper” with a slick non-absorbent surface that has been used for years in the printing industry. Recently she has created a series of dog paintings, some of which are shown here. Although at first glance the dogs may appear to be caricatures, they are in fact representations of human emotions and experiences, for example, “Stepping Out” represents Graduation Day with its forward optimistic chin-up thrust. “The Kiss” speaks for itself about the giddiness of love, and “Mardi Dog” represents the wild festivities of the pre-Lenten ritual.
Working on YUPO differs from working on ordinary watercolor paper in that the paint can be readily washed off down to the white of the paper. This characteristic allows for alterations and an intuitive design approach, as well as the use of stamps and texturing devices to add interest to the layers of paint. Because the paint
sits on top of the surface rather than sinking in, as it does with traditional watercolor paper, the colors remain extremely brilliant.
Susan received a second degree in Applied Art at UW Madison 25 years ago and has been painting in watercolor ever since.
She is a signature member of the Transparent Watercolor Society of America and National Watercolor Society. This year she had a painting accepted into the American Watercolor Society Exhibit. As she says, “The Dogs have been good to me.” More of her work can be seen at

Mardi Dog, 26”x 20”, Watercolor, by Susan Young Kaleidoscope, 23”x 30”, Watercolor, by Susan Young Mardi Dog Revisited, 26”x 20”, Watercolor, by Susan Young Stepping Out, 20”x 26”, Watercolor, by Susan Young Pathways, 20”x 26”, Watercolor and Gouache, by Susan Young
Bridges, 20”x 26”, Watercolor, by Susan Young The Kiss, 19”x 25”, Watercolor, by Susan Young
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