Claudette Lee-Roseland's painting on a Milwaukee digital billboard along highway 41


In October 2013, WVA member Claudette Lee-Roseland had thousands of people see one of her paintings on a Milwaukee digital billboard along highway 41. She was one of 25 artists who had art selected for Digital Billboard Art Month (DBAM)
IN:SITE, fostering temporary public art, organized DBAM. IN:SITE sent Clear Channel Outdoor and Lamar Advertising a letter in 2012 asking them to donate digital billboard space. Twenty people connected with visual arts groups, including WVA’s Christine Buth-Furness, Gary John Gresl, and Christine Style, signed the letter. Both companies agreed, with Clear Channel donating twelve billboards and Lamar six. Digital billboards show multiple images, and both companies committed to at least one image per billboard October 1-10, 2013
After receiving input from a national advisory team to establish DBAM guidelines, IN:SITE approached 27 nonprofit City of Milwaukee visual arts
groups to request participation. Eighteen agreed, including WVA.
All of the of the groups submitted up to five images in May of 2013. There ensued a long process making sure the submissions were technically correct, that there weren’t any guideline infractions, the billboard companies reviewed them (and did not reject any), and last Graeme Reid, Director of Collections and Exhibitions at the Museum of Wisconsin Art, reviewed them.
WVA submitted three images, and Reid selected Lee-Roseland’s as the top choice. All the billboard images had a text panel with the name of the artist, the group, and the phrase Digital Billboard Art Month. IN:SITE chair Pegi Christiansen says, “The WVA panel was very strong. It glowed!”
Visit IN:SITE’s website to see a page with all of the top choice images and the map of the project, as well as a page with the key media coverage.

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