Works in egg tempra

Featured Artist Anthony Suminski

“Edmund Fitzgerald”, Egg tempera on gesso board, 16”x 20”, by Anthony Suminski
Anthony Suminski has created artwork since early childhood and paints using the unusual and ancient medium of egg tempera. This consists of mixing egg yolk with powdered pigments to form his handmade paint. This mix is thinned with water and applied in many subsequent semi-transparent and semi-opaque layers. It is this layering that offers brilliant and glowing effects. On occasion, he will grind semi-precious stones on a diamond cut plate to create his powders from stones such as malachite and the valuable lapis lazuli. Some of the formulas come from the “Il Libro Del Arte” a manual of Cennino Ceninni (1450).
The surface he paints on is an untempered masonite board that has been prepared with a brushed-on mixture of rabbitskin glue and precipated chalk from France. It is a surface similar to clay board but much more absorbent. Anthony is not restricted to using brushes only. He applies paint with sponges, toothbrushes (for spattering), rags, cellophane, and actually anything that will effectively create the needed texture. Sometimes to soften the overall look he uses sandpaper on the work.
Anthony describes his genre as “Symbolic Realism.” There are stories in his work, some are hidden and some are more obvious. His traditional paintings are a disciplined form of classical work that embody principles of design and harmonious balance.
He offers one on one painting sessions to those interested in learning this nearly forgotten medium. Anthony, a Pfister Artist in Residence Finalist, was honored to have been awarded second place in “The Artist’s Magazine” contest for “Life’s Journey” (shown at right)
As owner of Architectural Renderings, he provided architects and developers with hundreds of illustrations. Forty years in his business gave him a variety of experiences that led to the return of his original love of fine art painting. To see more of his work

“Edmund Fitzgerald”, Egg tempera on gesso board, 16”x 20”, by Anthony Suminski “Coffee Girl”, Egg tempera on gesso board, 20”x 24”, by Anthony Suminski “Bubbles For My Dog”, Egg tempera on gesso board, 24”x 48”, by Anthony Suminski “Life’s Journey”, Egg tempera on gesso board, 24”x 24”, by Anthony Suminski “The Nautalis”, Egg tempera on gesso board, 16”x 20”, by Anthony Suminski
“The Bike Ride”, Egg Tempera on gesso board, 16”x 20”, by Anthony Suminski “Alterra Milwaukee”, Acrylic on gesso board, 23”x 32”, by Anthony Suminski
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