Inspired by her natural surroundings and her travels

Featured Artist Liz Phillips

“Silver Moon & Terra Cotta”, Oil on canvas, 16”x 20”, by Liz Phillips
She’s only been painting professionally about seven years, but
Liz Phillips is expressing herself in ways that are getting noticed. Inspired by her natural surroundings and her travels, she’s learning to trust her instincts and is finding a receptive audience for the images that speak to her. Lighting and color are as important to her as the subject matter, whether it’s a pastoral landscape, a single blossom or a still life.
Liz has extensive drawing experience that helps her solidify an idea, which usually begins with her camera. Begrudgingly, she learned how to do the basics on a Mac so she could push her photos closer to her perception of them. She then uses color pencils to fine-tune the photo on paper. Often her canvas is tinted with a contrasting acrylic color before laying down what she calls “the bones” of the image with oils. She prefers oils for their color intensity and the ability to mix and manipulate wet pigment right on the canvas, where she carefully builds up detail to bring the image into focus.
Born in 1960 to an artistic family in Milwaukee, Liz Phillips has lived in or near it ever since. Her early education brought art awards and scholarships, and she graduated from Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design in 1982 with a painting degree. Her first career however, was in advertising and design, which gradually gave way to drawing, both as a fine artist and a commercial illustrator. Her love of gardening led to a few job opportunities in-between, and is apparent in the subject matter of some of her work. When the need to express herself called for bolder proportions than her detailed drawings allowed, she returned to painting with the
aptly titled “Resurrection.”
Liz’s work can be seen at Sadler Gallery in Milwaukee’s Third Ward, River’s End Galleries in Elm Grove and Waukesha, and Edgewood Orchard Galleries in Fish Creek, Wisconsin.
Her portfolio is online at:

“Silver Moon & Terra Cotta”, Oil on canvas, 16”x 20”, by Liz Phillips “Brassy Belles”, Oil on canvas, 14”x 18”, by Liz Phillips “Liz’s Vermeer, Chateau de Chenonceau”, Oil on canvas, 18”x 24” “Meadow’s Eleven”, Oil on canvas, 15”x 30”, by Liz Phillips “Resurrection”, Oil on canvas, 30”x 48”, by Liz Phillips
“Calm Beneath The Surface”, Oil on canvas, 20”x 30”, by Liz Phillips “View From The Passenger Side” Oil on canvas, 15”x 30”, by Liz Phillips
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