WVA Chapters are busy planning exhibits and setting up their next years schedules

WVA State President’s Notes

The WVA Chapters are busy planning exhibits and setting up their next years schedules. Additionally some WVA Chapter officer roles are changing. A huge thank -you to Christine Buth- Furness for serving 2 terms (4 years) as SE Chapter Chair and to Mark Pflughoeft for serving 2 terms as the SC Chapter Chair. We welcome Ron Kosek as the new SE Chapter Chair and will learn of the new SC Chapter Chair this fall. WVA is an all-volunteer organization. Please consider serving.
The WVA Website continues to evolve and the calendar works very well. I encourage all members and chapter leaders to post meetings, exhibits and events on it and it automatically links in to the WVA Facebook page. As always contact me (stylec.prints@ gmail.com) or Doug Haynes should you have problems or have suggestions.
There will be TWO Statewide Membership Exhibits in fall 2015. The SE Chapter is organizing one with a ‘works on paper’ focus that will be at the UW-Parkside gallery and the NE Chapter is organizing one with a general focus that will at the UW-Green Bay Lawton Gallery. Please look for the prospectuses for these
exhibits and plan to enter. These are two excellent venues.
Wisconsin Visual Artists Achievement Awards, WVAAA (formerly WVALAA – the ‘L’ for ‘Lifetime’ has been dropped) and WVAAA has a permanent home at MOWA (Museum of Wisconsin Art). A new logo is being developed and the website will be updated soon. The nomination process is also being updated and there will be an online nomination form. Look for more news about this in the next issue of the WVA magazine and from MOWA.
There will also be more news about the 2015 Wisconsin Artists Biennial in the next WVA magazine.
Lastly, please consider giving to the WVA Endowment (noted on page 2) to help us reach the $12,500 goal and get the matching grant from the Meyer and Norma Ragir Foundation. Thank you, we are getting so close to being able to fund a part-time WVA executive director.
Christine Style, WVA State Board President

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