Chris Style will continue as ‘Acting President.’

WVA State President’s Notes

by Chris Style

The WVA State Board welcomes new SC Chapter Chair Liz Breed. She joins SE Chair Ron Kosek and NE Chair Mel Kolstad. Elections for a few executive positions were held during the WVA State Board September meeting: Mel Kolstad will be the State Treasurer in addition to continuing as Secretary. She will work with the WVA State bookkeeper, Peggy Zalucha. I have completed the maximum two-terms (4 years) as WVA State President and was elected to the position of WVA State Vice-President and with no other member ready to step into the position of president I will continue as ‘Acting President.’ We will be forming a nominating committee to find someone for the WVA State President position. While it is not mandated that the WVA State President not also be a chapter chair, I recommend it. I was also elected to be the next Wisconsin Artists Biennial chair (I previously co-chaired the Biennial in 2009). The WVA State Board’s primary job is to manage/oversee the WVA magazine, the WVA website, the WVA Endowment and the Wisconsin Artists Biennial. Any member who wishes to assist and offer feedback is welcome to attend the WVA State Board meetings. Our next meeting is Saturday, Dec. 13, 2014 from 11-1pm at the Culver’s in Waupun.
Wisconsin Artists Biennial update: All chapters were represented at the recent October 21st meeting at MOWA with Laurie Winters and Graeme Reid. Ron Kosek (SE), Mel Kolstad (NE), Peggy Zalucha (representing the SC Chapter, appointed by SC chair Liz Breed), and myself as WVA State Acting President and Biennial Chair were present. The 2016 Wisconsin Artist Biennial will be held at MOWA. Many details will need to be worked out but generally the following was agreed upon (talk to your chapter chair for more details). 1) There will be three jurors and MOWA’s Director of Collections and Exhibitions will be one of them. The other two jurors will be from out-of-state and selected by the Biennial committee and State Board. The juring process will be held during a face-to-face digital entry review and selection process and the awards will be selected in person once the work is hanging in the gallery space; 2) the jury selection process will be blind, meaning that no names will be visible to the jurors; 3) the MOWA exhibit space for the Biennial will be increased to also include the ‘One’ gallery (balcony area); 4) there will be no size restrictions; 5) Entry fees will be $30 for WVA members, $40 for non-WVA members; 6) WVA will raise as much as we can for prize monies and MOWA will match whatever we raise; and 7) tentative dates will be January 24 –April 3, 2016 with the opening reception Sunday, January 24th from 1-5pm. MOWA will assist WVA in the prospectus, digital entry system, publicity, pick up and drop off of entries. Anyone who would like to be on the Biennial Committee should contact the Biennial Chair (
We have reached the $12, 500 goal for the WVA Endowment and the Meyer and Norma Ragir Foundation has matched it — so we have added $25,000 to our Endowment. Thank you all and especially a huge thank you to Robert Ragir and the Meyer and Norma Ragir Foundation. At our next WVA State Board meeting we will have options presented as to how WVA can best use the funds generated from the interest. Please attend if you have thoughts and would like to contribute.
Christine Style, WVA State Vice-President and Acting President

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