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Featured Artist Marie Mellott

“Abstract with Sticks”, Pastel & colored pencil, 16”x 14” by Marie Mellott
Marie uses a variety of materials to make her statements in art. Pastel, colored pencil, inks, watercolor, etc. Her work evolves on it’s own. She starts with an idea from a reading, perhaps a personal experience or it could be a poem that influences her. She works in her studio at home where it’s quiet and peaceful. She gives her work time to mature into it’s own expression. She may start out with one idea and than as it progresses it grows into something quite different. For example,” Lunar Eclipse/Winter Solstice” was inspired by a coincidence of time intersection. It was created in the time it was happening. “Serenity” was created when a child she had known almost from birth sat for her and fell asleep for two hours. The model’s grandmother named the painting “Serenity.” “The Japanese Butterfly”, grew in composition and meaning as she was creating it. It began simply with the idea of the slightly cured line.
Marie has contributed to many collaborative multimedia and performance works, in particular with Yehuda Yannay. These works combine slides of her work with music composed to complement that particular piece of visual work. For example, “I Can’t Fathom It” is a series of images, created with collage and drawing, about threats of rape. It is a universal statement about what happens to women in wartime or anytime. Each frame had a certain repetitive motif; the hand of a mother as protection, and walls hiding intruders or victims. The colors and textures were also repeated. This made the piece cohesive and created opportunities to seamlessly join together with the patterns of music.
In Miami, Marie and Yehuda Yannay’s most recent piece was based on the silence she experienced when caring for Yehuda during cancer treatment. She photographed him making gestures for which she had no reference.  The piece researches the problem of communicating with those who are ill.
Marie also collaborated with Susan Parenti. “No Honey, I Can Do It” a piece composed and spoken by Susan incorporated photos from Marie, and was acted out by Marie and Barbara Aho. They wore white clown makeup and wore black shirts, creating cartoon-like imagery but rooted in feminism. It was performed at U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign.
Marie also has done performance art as Gertrude Stein, often at Woodland Pattern. There she has also done performance of concrete poetry for the Hungarian poet, Martin Kopany.  Marie has performed her own poetry and with Suzanne Rosenblatt in several venues. One being the Allis Museum.  She has performed Suzanne’s poetry of “Three Ladies in There Eighties” many times in which she played one of the “old ladies”. She has been in the Woodland Pattern poetry marathon for about 6 years, performing her own work and as Gertrude Stein.
Her work has been shown at U of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, U of Indiana-Bloomington, U of North Carolina, New York University, Pomona College, Stuttgart Art Museum, American Embassies in Germany, Madison Museum of Contemporary Art, U of Minnesota-Minneapolis, Miami, Florida art galleries and more. To learn more, visit: or at or

“Abstract with Sticks”, Pastel & colored pencil, 16”x 14” by Marie Mellott "Lunar Eclipse, Winter Solstice 2010”, Colored pencil & pastel, 22”x 26” by Marie Mellott “2009 Butterfly”, Japanese colored pencil, ink, & pastel, 22”x 28” by Marie Mellott “Cliff Dweller”, Colored pencil, 17”x 18” by Marie Mellott “Serenity”, Colored pencil & pastel, 30”x 25” by Marie Mellott
“Beneath the Gallows from the Mandrake Series”, Colored pencil & ink, 12”x 14” by Marie Mellott
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