Our volunteers make us strong


Gary Gresl, “Mom’s Saber Tooth, in situ prodigialus”, Assemblage
We as an organization would like to extend thanks and acknowledgement to individuals who have and continue to make WVA what it is. A group like ours exists only because people are enthusiastic and willing to contribute, and so many of you have taken actions large or small to help. If you don’t see your name listed, please know that your efforts are appreciated and do make a difference in WVA as it is today. If you’re not as involved in WVA as you’d like to be, we invite you to communicate with your chapter chairs about how you could get involved. And speaking of the chairs, we would like to thank our chapter Chairs and our acting President for all their work. Thank you!

State Board - by Christine Style, acting President / On behalf of theWVA State Board, I’d like to thank the following key players over the last few years. Without ongoing commitment to ‘hang-in there,’ the WVA magazine, website, biennial and endowment would not be what it is: Peggy Zalucha as WVA State bookkeeper, former officer and president and now WVA Endowment Chair. Her keen and persistent financial eye over the 20 years I’ve sat on the State Board has been invaluable. Gary Gresl has consistently over the last 20 plus years helped steer the ship, keep WVA grounded in our constitution bylaws, served as Biennial Chair and president numerous times and helped get the WVA Endowment started and Chair the Endowment for many years It is always a pleasure working with Chapter Chairs and I appreciate greatly the hard work that goes into the planning, coordinating, communicating and implementing the various chapter activities, events and exhibits. I greatly thank former chapter chairs: Christine Buth-Furness (former SE chair), Mark Pflughoeft (former SC chair), and Bonnie de Arteaga and Pat Filzen (former NE co-chairs). A huge thank you to Virgi Driscol and Gene Mihlesisen for all their work on the 2014 Wisconsin Artists Biennial. Also a hearty thank you to Aaron Wilbers (WVA magazine) and Doug Haynes (WVA website). While these positions are partially paid, so much of what Aaron and Doug do they do as interested and dedicated WVA members.

SE Chapter - by Ron Kosek, Chair / I’d like to extend my personal thanks and gratitude on behalf of the SE Chapter to: Chris Buth Furness for her years of service to the SE Chapter as Chair, and her work at the State Board level. Her calm and reasoned leadership has kept us focused and able to accomplish a great deal. Her work on the online submission idea for exhibitions and at the State Board level where she is a truly active and vibrant voice for our chapter and for the goals of WVA is to be commended. Pat Hidson’s work as program chair was amazing. We were enriched by the meeting venues and artist shares Pat organized so well. Pat made it all look easy but I already know it is a responsibility that can be challenging. Her work as ambassador to our community was gracefully done. Terry Fischer’s tracking of who we are and aren’t plus keeping those of us who need polite reminders to pay our dues is greatly appreciated. Without the kind of organization that Terry brought to the role of Membership Chair we would not be able to exist and grow. Jean Sobon for keeping minutes, an important element for any organization. I appreciate being able to venture back into that record of our Chapters legacy to discover what we’ve done in the past. Jordan Acker Anderson for keeping us “in the news” and bringing us into the media savvy world of today with the many changing venues of exposure out there and within our organization is to be commended. Added to that Jordan coordinated our initial venture of working with our first intern, Elise, which was wonderful for all involved. Angela Laughingheart and Gene Mihlesisen made us look great during the many shows they organized and put together during their times as Co Chairs of our Exhibition Committee. Without their efforts we would be unseen entities. To Richard Patt for delivery and distribution of the Wisconsin Visual Artists’ Magazine throughout the SE Chapter. Thank you everyone!

SC Chapter - by Elizabeth Breed, Chair / I am only in my first months as the new Chair of the SC chapter, and my second year as a member. As such, I am hesitant to single out and thank only a few members I know of who have given exceptional long-term service when there are most likely others I have not yet met who are no less deserving, but wish to share my thanks nonetheless. Thank you to: Mark Pflughoeft, our most recent SC Chair, and current Exhibition Chair, Carol Pflughoeft, Chapter Secretary Deb Menz, and stellar past and longtime Program Chair, Barbara Essock, for making this transition of leadership welcoming, productive, and enjoyable in countless ways. Doug Haynes for guiding me through my initial disastrous chapter blasts, and Carol P. for revising most of them. Thanks also to Treasurer Mike Watson for his extra time sharing his experiences with me as past SC Chair, and Linda Steine for her thought-provoking ideas as Membership Chair. Thanks also to former Co-Exhibition Chair Kay Brathol-Hostvet for her unwavering encouragement in my new role. Peggy Zalucha deserves my gratitude for representing us at a recent state level meeting when I could not, and providing a history of WVA over a salad in Mt. Horeb. Also, thank you to Craig Wilson, who four times a year for six years has distributed hundreds of copies of the WVA magazine to artist galleries, art supply stores, frame shops, coffee shops, museums, and more. Thank you, Katherine Steichen-Rosing for helping us and the state board in distributing forty-pound boxes of WVA magazines to libraries throughout the state and in the Madison area. Finally, special thanks to ex-officio member, Buzz Menz, for hosting our holiday party and providing a warm, (decorated!) house when Deb was called away at the last minute. I raise my glass to each and all of you wonderful souls.

NE Chapter - by Mel Kolstad, Chair / I know it’s a couple of months past Thanksgiving, but it’s never too late to thank those who make my job at chapter chair that much easier! I’d like to thank the NE Chapter officers - My right-hand co-chair, Susan Fiebig; Rusty Mothes, our diligent membership chair; Sue Atkinson, our venerable treasurer; Michelle Richeson, who does such a great job as the scholarship chair; Steve Ballard, who’s unofficially worked as exhibit chair for our two fantastic shows this year; and Rae Blom, for helping out with publicity. Thanks to Sherri Thomas and Kathryn Dreifuerst for filling in from time to time for the secretary position. I’d also like to thank Kathryn Dreifuerst for hosting our wonderful holiday party in December - a great time was had by all! Steve Ballard has also distributed copies of the WVA newsletter around our area for many years. Roberta Scherer has been our diligent archivist for quite some time - thanks for keeping us on task! Mary Jo Weidert and Susan Fiebig were wonderful curators for our two exhibits back in September. Bonnie de Arteaga, Pat Filzen and Chris Style have served as my go-to mentors for any questions I’ve had about this chair position, and I thank them all so much. To all members who’ve either attended a meeting, shown their work, volunteered for various duties or all of the above - I appreciate your involvement. I came into this chairmanship very green, and I appreciate your support and kind words more than you know! Here’s to a wonderful 2015, full of art, friendship and involvement!

Gary Gresl, “Mom’s Saber Tooth, in situ prodigialus”, Assemblage Mike Watson, “Queen and Her Jacks”, Oil Linda Steine, “Autumn Reflections”, Mixed Rusty Mothes, “The Great Wave-South”, Mixed Media Pat Filzen, “From Still Morphing”, Fiber Art
Doug E. L. Haynes, “Self Portrait Under Highway-Korea”, acrylic on panel Gene Mihlesisen, “Untitled #11”, Paper collage Susan Fiebig, “Free Bird”, Altered book/collage Mark Pflughoeft, “Imperfect Perfection XII”, Paint Rae Blom, “Child Cancer Survivor”, Mixed
Kay Brathol-Hostvet, Untitled, Pastel Craig Wilson, “Crammed Kayaks”, Photography Barbara Essock, “Lady in Orange & Gold”, Acrylic Jordan Acker Anderson, “To Remedy: Rabbit Foot Monument”, Acrylic Pat Hidson, “If you Listen You Will Be Here”, Oil painting
Mary Jo Weidert, “Red Woods”, Fused Glass Sherri Thomas, “Circle of Friends”, Watercolor Steve Ballard, “Dream Bow”, Assemblage Sue Atkinson, “Angelic Slumber”, Watercolor Deb Menz, “Weeds or Wildflowers?”, Fiber Art
Virgi Driscol, Untitled, Oil painting Angela Laughingheart, “Oculus of Recognition”, Fiber/Mixed Christine Buth-Furness, “Step Outside To Hear The Thaw Of The Hailstorm”, Watercolor Elizabeth Breed, “Winter Pines”, Pastel Roberta Scherrer, “The Florida Box”, Mixed Media
Bonnie de Arteaga, “Alhambra-Center Right”, Encaustic/Woodprint Mel Kolstad, “Sevens”, Collage & Printmaking Katherine Steichen-Rosing, “Oracle”, Acrylic Kathryn Dreifuerst, Torsos, Sculpture / Mixed Peggy Zalucha, “Artifact”, Mixed media
Michelle Richeson, “Prarie Rose”, Oil painting Chris Style, “Warrior Heart”, Printmaking Ron Kosek, “Green Condo Entry”, Acrylic Terry Fischer, “Portrait”, Watercolor Carol Pflughoeft, “Believe”, Digital / Mixed
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