A kaleidoscope of colors

Featured Artist Michelle Richeson

North Bay Carousel, 84” x 68”, oil on linen by Michelle Richeson
“Prismatic” or “fractured” are words that describe Michelle Richeson’s paintings. From a distance, they look photorealistic. Up close, the image appears to be viewed through a kaleidoscope with colors and lines subtly shifting. Richeson describes the effect, “The human eye can only focus on one area of an object at a time. While that one area is in focus, everything else is seen with less and less detail, but the mind compensates for us. For this reason, my paintings look almost photorealistic from a distance. It’s when you see them up close that the mind stops to re-evaluate what the eye is seeing.”
Richeson’s studio is based in Neenah where she works in a variety of media, including oil, watercolor, pastel, and sculpture. A native of northeast Wisconsin, it is her travels throughout the US and abroad that inspire her paintings.
A trip to Ontario, Canada inspired Richeson’s “Carousel Project” where she came upon the Heritage Carousel. Enchanted by it, she created a colorful 84”x68” painting titled “North Bay Carousel.” This started a commitment to share the painting with others, particularly children. Three carousel paintings are in the series and for every print or original purchased, Richeson donates a signed print to a site that serves youth and families.
Currently, her easel holds a painting of a kayaker working his way through the foaming rapids. Colorful water droplets splash in the prismatic technique Richeson employs. This began with a detailed sketch graphed and painted onto the canvas. “It’s here I experiment with extending the lines, fracturing the shapes, and blending color to offer the viewer an unexpected visual experience. The lines of my brushwork become more than a simple road map of where color and shape change. They become the focal point creating a sense of movement and dimension.”
Richeson’s paintings are at the Richeson School of Art & Gallery in Kimberly and Moondeer & Friends Gallery in Boulder Junction. She has an upcoming exhibit at Gallery 110 North which will be on view from August 14-October 2 in Plymouth WI. To see her art online, go to www.mricheson.com.

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