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Life Force. Ltd., Unit 8, 36” W x 82” H x 52” D, Assemblage by Gary John Gresl
Gary John Gresl, like many others, traces art interests to childhood, though “seriously” creating work only since 1980. He moved through styles of geometric and abstract expressionism, finding these without personal satisfaction. When he began blending interests in objects, specifically antiques, with sculptural expression, assemblage work became his focus. He has been a lifelong resident of Wisconsin tying his sculpture and materials to experiences in rural rustic places.
Gary likes to work large, creating site specific installations. This tendency began when he recognized how enjoyment increased when he became “part of” and “within” the installation. He also worked outdoors creating temporary site specific installations captured in photos, a series titled “Document Ephemera”. This outdoor work probes longevity/endurance of art objects.
After high school he hoped to attend the art school, Layton, or art department in the UW system. However, his parents steered him toward teaching elementary school. He sneaked in art and art history classes, eventually teaching art and reading for five years in Brillion, WI.
He then got a Master’s degree from the School of Human Ecology, UW Madison. There he took art history, history of interiors/antiques, of costume and textiles, and Museum Training and Connoisseurship.
He chose to work in the field of antiques, privately studying art history post 1900. He began blending his strong interests in art objects, antiques and progressive art thru assemblages. Gary has been President of Wisconsin Visual Artists (formerly Wisconsin Painter’s & Sculptors) for 4 terms, otherwise active with colleagues attempting to broaden interest in visual arts. He taught classes in Antiques/Collectibles at UWM, UW Sheboygan, UW Fond du Lac and Mount Mary University. Along with Tom Lidtke, Director Museum of Wisconsin Art, Gary founded the Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards, receiving that award himself in 2008. He received a
Mary Nohl Fellowship Award in 2007.
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Life Force. Ltd., Unit 8, 36” W x 82” H x 52” D, Assemblage by Gary John Gresl Palimpsests and Middens., aprox 20’W x 25’L x 10’H, Assemblage Installation by Gary John Gresl Return From The Cottage, 67” W x 89” H x 38” D, Assemblage by Gary John Gresl Hybrid, 90” H x 50” W x 40” D, Assemblage by Gary John Gresl Document Ephemera Series, Torso Variant, Assemblage by Gary John Gresl
I Am Soltaire, 97”W x 96”H x 26”, Assemblage by Gary John Gresl Document Ephemera Series, Hoops Variant, Assemblage by Gary John Gresl
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