Photography by Carol Toepke

Being featured on the cover of Our Wisconsin

by Carol Toepke

Photo by Carol Toepke
Along my journey as a photographer I collect shots to use for art and to sell to decorator firms and editorial publications. I have been providing pics for “Our Wisconsin” Magazine on a bi-mothly basis for over a year now. In the next issue Aug/Sept 2016...I will have the cover, the inside cover, a story of images and several images in one of their bi-monthly features. Its taken us three years to get to the cover and although we’ve had images in each and every issue since our first, this is the top award for us. Here is hoping we get many more! As well as taking images for the magazine we also produce pieces of art that are entered in many of WVA Exhibits as well as our home chapter in NE Wisconsin. And we have images available for sale on our Facebook Pages as well as in two brick and mortar stores.
The barn in the cover photo is from the Hauser Superior View Farm of Bayfield, WI. It is the only Sears Mail Order Barn left in the State of Wisconsin and is one of only seven left in the United States. Built of western fir in the early 1920’s, it was shipped by train from out west, hauled up the hill from Bayfield by horse drawn wagons, and assembled by local carpenters. The barn originally cost $896.00. It originally housed purebred Golden Gurnsey cows until the 1950’s. Hauser’s Superior View Farm resides 600’ above lake level about two and a half miles from Lake Superior.
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