Work by Pat Hidson and Tori Tasch

Artist Residency at lynden

by Tori Tasch

Pat Hidson and Tori Tasch have been selected as Artists in Residence at the
Lynden Sculpture Garden, 2145 W. Brown Deer Road, in Milwaukee from May 30 2015 - May 30, 2016. We have a studio on site and are working on an installation in the birch grove, creating Journeys in a Garden.
Summer is a great time to enjoy the outdoors, the longer days help to make our gardens grow and our flowers blossom. It is time for celebrations and blessings. A great way to bless our surroundings is through the use of prayer flags which are created from fabric and hung by a common cord. There are many types of prayer flags.The blue tones in our flags are created from cyanotype exposed to the sun using plants and images from the Lynden Sculpture Garden. Text representing our concerns for the environment is added by using transparencies and transfer processes.
Hanging prayer flag outdoors will allow the colors to fade gracefully with the elements, their energy becomes a permanent part of the universe. To learn about the sculpture garden, or the artwork visit:

Instalation Prayer Flags
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