Painting as an act of meditation

Featured Artist Jordan Acker Anderson

Hex Sign: Chapel Mountain, 24” x 18”, Mixed media on canvas
Jordan Acker Anderson considers her artistic practice as a way to make sense of our current global culture. Painting becomes an act of meditation or a means to transform unruly information into beautiful states of order and interconnected compositions. She describes her work as “residing in the category of symbolic abstraction”. Her compositions are visual records consisting of personal symbols on a single plane that are reminiscent of woven tapestries.
Through the creative process, Acker Anderson likes to establish order and harmony through repetitious patterns of shape. As an academic artist, she works as a colorist, meaning she explores color through vibrancy, proximity, temperature, and varying levels of opacity. Typically, she creates shallow spaces that are filled with dense, complex arrangements of shapes that ultimately become harmonious fields of information. Repetitious marks, pattern and texture evoke the quality of a shrine due to the accumulation of information.
Currently, Acker Anderson lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, where she serves as Associate Professor of Art and Department Chair for Art and Graphic Design at Mount Mary University. She graduated from the University of Nebraska - Omaha in 2002 with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. She did her graduate research at the University of Iowa in Painting and Drawing, receiving a Masters of Art in 2006 and a Masters of Fine Arts in 2007.
Acker Anderson calls herself an image-maker who utilizes painting, drawing and printmaking to explore universal themes of service, soul, life force, breath, instinct, survival, nature, time and ritual. Her interdisciplinary interests lead her to academic research with scientists, design and peace studies faculty. She is committed to building community through artistic collaboration. Her award-winning work has been shown internationally, with recent exhibit locations including John Michael Kohler Arts Center, Museum of Wisconsin Art, Anderson Arts Center, Cedarburg Cultural Center and MacRostie Art Center.
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Hex Sign: Chapel Mountain, 24” x 18”, Mixed media on canvas Hex Sign: Bejeweled Equal Cross, 24” x 18”, Mixed media on canvas Hex Sign: Infinite Duration, 24” x 18”, Mixed media on canva To Remedy: Center Gray, 10” x 8”, Mixed media on canvas Hex Sign: Votive, 20” x 16”, Mixed media on canvas
o Remedy: Presence, 10” x 8”, Mixed media on canvas One in Four: To March Towards, 24” x 18”, Mixed media on canvas
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