Digital photographs combined with fractal patterns

Featured Artist Carol Pflughoeft

Arriva, Digital by Carol Pflughoeft
Carol Pflughoeft’s unique digital works of art combine her digital photographs with her original fractal patterns. Fractal art, a relatively new art form, caught Carol’s attention in 2007 and she enthusiastically set out to learn Ultra Fractal, a challenging new software program used to create fractals. Fractals are geometric patterns that repeat, change in size, and are similar but not identical. Abundant in nature, fractals are very familiar even if the term “fractal” is not. Clouds, nautilus shells, ferns, coast lines and mountain peaks have fractal characteristics.
Fractals are created with Ultra Fractal on a computer by selecting and manipulating specialized mathematical formulas to affect a starting image called a “Mandelbrot”. Under Carol’s direction, her computer performs millions of calculations based on decisions she makes within the program. Shapes, textures, colors and patterns change on screen as a result of her decisions. More often than not, this process produces visual chaos rather than beautiful or interesting compositions so much patience is required to coax pleasing images out of the multi-layered, complex files.
Carol’s Photoshop expertise led her to experiment with layering fractal images with her digital photography. Playing with the interactions of multiple layers, she manipulates files until satisfied with a final image. Creating pieces with the right mix of realism and abstraction can take her months or years to resolve.
When Carol started exhibiting her work in 2009, she joined her husband, abstract artist Mark Pflughoeft, in participating in art fairs in Illinois and Wisconsin. (continued on page 8)
Her work quickly attracted attention and awards, including two “Best of Shows”.
Carol outputs files as signed and numbered limited edition prints on fine art paper using her Epson 3880 printer, and also designs larger custom-sized pieces on canvas. More of her work can be seen online at:

Arriva, Digital by Carol Pflughoeft Abracadabra, Digital by Carol Pflughoeft Hidden Treasures, Digital by Carol Pflughoeft Lumination, Digital by Carol Pflughoeft All Good Things, Digital by Carol Pflughoeft
Believe, Digital by Carol Pflughoeft Reflections, Digital by Carol Pflughoeft
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