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Featured Artist Robin Jebavy

J.S. Bach’s Organ, acrylic on canvas, 70x84”, 2015 by Robin Jebavy
Robin Jebavy, an artist equally fluent in oil and acrylic, makes medium and large-scale, densely layered paintings of glassware arrangements. Through the repetition and expansion of patterns, each painting moves from an initial simple reference of still life objects toward something infinite and enveloping.
For years, Jebavy, long fascinated by Dutch still life painting, has been reimagining it through a contemporary lens. By replacing the third-person viewpoint found in that traditional aesthetic with a first-person perspective, she removes the gap between the artist and the still life, creating dream-like spaces that oscillate between objective reality and abstraction, image and reflection, figure and ground, and seeing and being, while at the same time paying homage to the intellectual clarity, sensuality, and heightened attention to detail and ornamentation reminiscent of the baroque.
Jebavy works exclusively with glassware because she finds it lends itself well to the painting process by which she aims to represent this mystical self-world fusion. Working with layer upon layer of glassware imagery, she generates atmospheric fields of luminous, chromatically intense, intricately woven crystalline labyrinths that invite the viewer to get lost in and fall into the still life.
In her compositions Jebavy often includes glassware forms that call
to mind elements of cathedral interiors, suggesting their stain glass windows, massive, architectural supports, fine ornamentation, and decorative flourishes, as she builds nearly symmetrical, altar-like spaces that are at once intimate, domestic, banal, and monumental, metaphysical, and transcendental. This radiant “cathedral presence,” in concert with a first-person perspective, is what she hopes will offer the viewer an experience evoking sublime, oceanic feelings of union with the mysterious “other,” of self with the universe.
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J.S. Bach’s Organ, acrylic on canvas, 70x84”, 2015 by Robin Jebavy lue Still Life, acrylic on canvas, 66x44”, 2014 by Robin Jebavy Green Still Life, oil on canvas, 54x35”, 2014 by Robin Jebavy Luminary, acrylic on canvas, 58x58”, 2016 by Robin Jebavy Red Still Life, acrylic on canvas, 71x42”, 2014 by Robin Jebavy
Amber Still Life, acrylic on canvas, 63x38”, 2015 by Robin Jebavy
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