setting our sights on the 2018 Biennial


by Chris Style

The 2016 Wisconsin Artists Biennial at MOWA was a success. The exhibit looked great and
we (WVA) raised the funds necessary for us to continue to produce the magazine and keep the website updated and managed. The 2016 Biennial book PDF can be downloaded for free on the WVA Biennial webpage or hard copies can still be ordered at We are now setting our sights on the 2018 Biennial. The opening of the Biennial was also the announcement of another challenge grant for the WVA Endowment from Robert Ragir on behalf of the Meyer and Norma Ragir Foundation. For every dollar we raise, the foundation will match it, up to $12,500! At this time, WVA can begin to use the Endowment interest and there have been discussions about how to best take advantage of this. The amount available isn’t quite enough to help pay for an Executive Director but there have been a number of other ideas discussed at the WVA State Board meetings and the special Planning Meeting organized by Virgi Driscol (thanks Virgi). We desperately need a volunteer State Treasurer/ Bookkeeper and any member interested should contact me (it is not a lot but does require the use of Quicken, which we will purchase for you). We are also looking into ways to save on our costs. We will continue to print the magazine (we heard from many members that they wanted a printed magazine to continue) but hard decisions will need to be made as our organization needs to think about the busy lives of our members and how much they can volunteer. Paid staff is an important consideration. All are welcome to attend our WVA State Board meetings and be part of the conversation. The next State Board meeting
is May 14, in the meeting room of Culver’s in Waupun, from 11:00am-1:00pm.
This might be my last President’s report (I’ve had two two-year terms and have been acting President the third term), as we will elect a new WVA President at the May meeting. I have volunteered to stay on as Vice-President. Some of the Chapters will also be electing new leadership so I hope to see new faces at the four times a year State Board meetings. I know we are all busy and would rather make art then volunteer but WVA needs you and would love your input as we continue to make a place for Wisconsin artists to connect, exhibit, learn and reach out to a greater community. Thank you all.