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Featured Artist Nova Czarnecki

The Making of a Pearl, 56”x 36”, Oil by Nova Czarnecki
What is carried as memories and experiences from the past influences who one is and becomes. Their essence can wrap around and weave through our bodies shaping our beliefs of the world and ourselves. This concept and its effects, whether positive or negative, has been a consistent theme in Nova’s work.
Nova paints the figure primarily in black and white not only because it symbolizes the past, but also because it emphasizes the contrasts that we deal with in both our inner and outer worlds. She then combines the figures with colored patterns or images of nature that convey those hidden emotional persuasions or blessings we carry. The universal truth that we are all connected is represented and implied in each painting. Letting “accidents” happen and allowing spontaneous drips or colors to decide the course of a painting reiterates that reality and also plays an important role in Nova’s process as she paints. See more of Nova’s work online:

The Making of a Pearl, 56”x 36”, Oil by Nova Czarnecki The Loss is More Than Just Blood, 36”x 36”, Oil by Nova Czarnecki Fashunn!, 36”x 48”, Oil by Nova Czarnecki A Map to the Deep, 30”x 48”, Oil by Nova Czarnecki
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