an interactive workshop

Members present at MId-america Print council conference

Chris Style and Tori Tasch were presenters at the Mid America Print Council Conference in Louisville, KY October 5-8. “Maneuvering Dimensional Prints” was a hands-on event for attendees to create one or more dimensional print work samples using recycled prints. They focused on developing strategies for designing an intentional dimensional print and ways to fold, cut, glue, and bend prints in a variety of ways.
The interactive workshop was very successful and inspired them to offer it at the upcoming WVA statewide exhibition “On and About Paper” at UW-Parkside September 2017. They will talk about some basic and over-arching principles to consider when working with prints dimensionally and then have participants dive in and create a work of their own and/or add to the dimensional wall installation which will be worked on during the exhibition.