A drawing style that reflects the ephemeral nature of the dance itself

Featured Artist Jason Fricke

3 Dancers: silkscreen print, 12" x10"
My drawings are done “live”, on location, usually at dance performances, concerts, or during visits to the zoo.

I work in a drawing style that evolved while watching dancers and choreographers create together. I have been lucky enough to have watched this process unfold many different times over the past 10 years. The crafting of dance is fascinating and beautiful to behold.

My drawings of animals and flowers reflect the wonder and awe I have of the world around us. Each creature, each plant,
however simple, is also somehow magnificent and strong.

My original drawings are done on Stonehenge archival 100% rag paper. I use a brush and Speedball India ink on some of my drawings. My technical pen drawings are done with Rapidograph pens. These pens are easy to carry and inconspicuous in the theatre, while they maintain an exceptional level of quality.

From these original images, I produce limited-edition silkscreen prints. I have over 25 years of experience in the screen printing field and feel a deep satisfaction when I am able to produce fine quality prints from an original.
I coat and expose my own screens and I print each serigraph by hand on Stonehenge paper.

I select each frame for each piece. Artwork is not “finished” until it is mounted in its proper frame.

My drawing style is simple and straightforward; this reflects the urgency and ephemeral nature of the dance itself. Often, there is no time for detail when drawing dancers. The magic of observing and portraying this wonderful process remains as inspiring as it was when I began, years ago.

3 Dancers: silkscreen print, 12" x10" Continuo: silkscreen print, by Jason Fricke Swan Lake: silkscreen print, by Jason Fricke
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