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Student Rentals, Oil on canvas, 18” x 20” by Chuck Bauer
Chuck Bauer (, represented by Milward Farrell Fine Art, Madison, WI) has been painting all of his adult life. Chuck had the benefit of exposure and instruction in both Art History
and Studio Art starting before college, when he lived in Germany and Japan, and spent a year in Paris, and then
in college, spending his junior year
in New York City, sponsored by the Whitney Museum. Chuck still seeks out instructors and has occasionally taught, finding the experience,
“mostly exhilarating, but occasionally exhausting.” Obviously, he says, there is no end to learning about art, and how to paint, and certainly of learning how to teach.
Chuck’s current series of work, shown in this article, uses built environments as a means of exploring light and color. For
him, composition is always paramount. Additionally, Chuck’s attraction to domestic architecture adds nostalgia and respect for craft to the content of the paintings. Some consider the works to be neo-Regionalist. Painting “building-scapes”, and especially houses, with which Chuck has no direct personal attachment (he seldom knows the occupants or owners) allows him distance, despite the impression many viewers may have of formally
commissioned portraiture. “Do you know the owners?” is usually the first reaction. To Chuck, though, the subject matter is the least important element of the work, since it’s largely an excuse for the light and the color - Chuck used to be an abstract painter and it shows. From time to time, though, and largely out of curiosity, Chuck
says he has sent notes to property owners, including a copy of the painting, hoping to suggest a neighborly courtesy and not solicitation. Interestingly, he seldom receives a reply or even a brief acknowledgment. (“So much for courtesy.”) The most unusual reply received he tells
us, is a request for a free reproduction, size specified, and “suitable
for framing.” In the most recent instance though, he complied after he learned that homeowner was a woman over 90 years old who had grown up in the house, and so he gained a friend.

Student Rentals, Oil on canvas, 18” x 20” by Chuck Bauer 106 Lathrop Street No. 2 , Oil on canvas, 14” x 18” by Chuck Bauer New Glarus Farmhouses, Oil on canvas, 14” x 18” by Chuck Bauer Nocturne II Madison, Wisconsin, Oil on canvas, 16” x 20” Philadelphia Additions - Sunny Morning, Oil on canvas, 14” x 18” by Chuck Bauer
613 First Street, New Glarus, Wisconsin No. 2 , Oil on canvas, 16” x 24” by Chuck Bauer
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