Don't forget the Biennial

WVA State President’s Report

by Victoria (Tori) Tasch, WVA President

If you are reading this you believe that visual art is important. Thank you to
our members for their commitment to sustaining Wisconsin Visual Artists as a vital resource for professional artists. I am especially thankful to the Board members and Chapter representatives who attended our recent meeting on July 22: Chris Style, Liz Breed, Rosie Hartmann, Karen Stewart, Jane Hostetler, Gary John Gresl, Chris Buth Furness, Virgi Driscoll, and Doug Haynes. Thank you for volunteering your time to benefit WVA. Meeting minutes are available on the website.

Please support our organization by Mentering the Wisconsin Artists Biennal
2018! We are working on providing Biennial activities to benefit our members.

Finally, if you are in Door County
on September 2-3, stop by the Hardy Gallery to see the Wisconsin ‘IDEA’ Relief Alphabet project steamroller printing from 9:00-5:00pm.
Thank you, Christine Style for organizing this project for Wisconsin Artists.

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