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Gary John Gresl’s Book Has Arrived

In this 300+ page hard cover book the author, Wisconsin native, Gary John Gresl, expresses his personal philosophies about visual art, including his observations concerning art’s evolution as a corollary to processes witnessed among living things...espoused by persons such as Charles Darwin.
Gresl includes images of over 350 images of his work beginning in the 1980’s to present, including his uncommon “selected object” assemblages, paintings and photographs of large scale installations. Scattered between the images
he includes compositions ranging from poetry to several longer observations about the art making process, about the art culture at large, and about reasons for the importance of art in our cultures. While not so obviously stated, Gary makes the argument that art from all cultures and ages remains an important source of the art we make today.
Gary John Gresl has played a significant role in the art scene of his home state of Wisconsin as creator of the Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards, and as President of Wisconsin Painters & Sculptors/Wisconsin Visual Artists organization. Born in 1943 he recalls his exposure to the 19th century Transcendentalists, to the Abstract Expressionists and art history, his youth spent in rural and wild places, and his appreciation for the position of Humans on this planet. Themes which are evident in his work include Gaia, the Human affect on natural processes, and the importance for individual’s to bring their art and expressions to a larger public.
The book can be ordered directly from Gary at saganguy@aol.com. The hard cover copy is $50.00, including shipping via book/ media rate. Checks can be made out to Gary John Gresl and sent to 8130 No. 4th St., Brown Deer, WI 53223. One can also use Paypal using that same email address. The book will become available in the gift shop of MOWA by fall, and it is expected to eventually be available thru Amazon and other sources.

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