e-mails to promote events, meetings and exhibits

WVA Using Constant Contact & More

You may (or may not) have noticed you’ve been receiving e-mails from WVA via “Constant Contact”. The decision to add these e-mails as another means of communication was made in late 2016 and has been implemented in 2017. If you have not been receiving the mails, please make sure they are not being filtered out of your e-mail as junk/ spam, and you may also want to be sure your current e-mail address is on file with WVA - if you’ve been receiving other emails from WVA, then your address on file is correct.

We’ve been using the e-mails to promote events, meetings and exhibits, especially when a more immediate timeline is needed than our quarterly print magazine provides. Also, the ability to use links to directly connect readers to additional info or a registration source for exhibits is useful. Feedback so far has been positive.

However, the Constant Contact statistics show that roughly 60% of our members are opening the e-mails. This begs the question, “Why are the other 40% not opening the e-mails?”.
In the interest of making these e-mails
as useful and entertaining for as many members as possible, we’d like to know what would make them more appealing or useful to you - especially if you are one of the members who has not been viewing those emails.
For example, would you like to see different or additional content? Is it simply a matter that you prefer not to read WVA news via e-mail? Is it a technical hurdle that you find using e-mail a challenge? To share what you’d like to see in these e-mails, write to wvadesigner@gmail.com
Also, for members who may not wish to receive those mails, please know we are doing our best to respect your wishes. Sometimes you may still get them, and the reason for this is because the mailing list must be re-created from our WVA database each month. This ensures that we have included any new members who have joined into the mailing list. Sometimes this causes people who
opted out to be added back on the list unintentionally. So, please be patient, we do care, but there are some hurdles to the system.

Finally, you may wonder how the news is selected for the e-mail and print magazine. The first qualifier is: We have to know about it. While we do reach out for some news, primarily we rely on members to share their news via the WVA website, and more in-depth articles and images can be shared by e-mail. We also sometimes use the WVA Facebook page as a source. We can’t guarantee all things we receive will be used, but if you don’t ask, the answer is always “no”. So if you have something about your own art, about another WVA member’s art or about an exhibit or opportunity that you feel would be interesting or helpful to WVA members - please share it!