Watercolor portraits and landscape

Featured Artist Terry A. Fischer

Addison, 20”x 16”, watercolor
Terry A. Fischer started drawing as a very small child. By the time she was in high school, her attention had turned to portraits. Along with the encouragement of her mother who gave her a set of watercolors, a lifetime love affair began. Terry has put her hand to all kinds of media, but always returns to watercolors.
Terry loves painting portraits. She is especially drawn to the faces of children because of their openness and lack of guile. Children can laugh with reckless abandon and cry without embarrassment. She finds them very expressive
and endearing. At the other end of the spectrum are the faces of the elderly. They show years of joys and suffering. Every wrinkle and crease has been earned through their lifetime of experiences. Even wildlife comes under the scope of portraits when viewed up close, exposing the personality of the subject creature.
Without formal art education, Terry studied from life experiences. She explores Southeast Wisconsin with camera in hand. It is here that she finds inspiration for her landscapes.
The vibrant shades of green, the many rivers and lakes, the wild and the tame critters
are all fodder for creations with paint and brush. She feels that a landscape seems more interesting with figures dwelling within or evidence of their having been there. The figure (either human or animal) gives a mystery to a landscape. It makes one question what is going on or what has just passed by.
The photos are brought back to her tiny studio where two or more images are often welded together with Terry’s imagination. Even then the image changes as it is put to the paper. Sometimes a trip to the sink for a stiff scrubbing and a do-over is necessary before a satisfactory painting emerges.
Terry is represented by Woodwalk Gallery in Fish Creek Wisconsin. Her images can be seen at www.TerryAFischer.com

Addison, 20”x 16”, watercolor Flyaway - Great Blue Heron, 20”x 24”, watercolor Finch, 12”x 12”, watercolor Dreamer (Toby), (Detail) 31”x 25”, watercolor Reflections of the Chippewa, 22”x 28”, watercolor
Joy for Life – Tony, 20”x16”, watercolor Rosie - Sheltie mix, 20”x 24”, watercolor Patchwork, 20”x 24”, watercolor
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