Solo show at the Museum of Wisconsin Art

S.V. Medaris Strange Breeds

Art by S. V. Medaris
Selective breeding, the process where
humans choose which traits should be
passed on, has long been a part of farming.
In Strange Breeds, printmaker S.V. Medaris explores the extremes of breeding through
her depictions of the farm dogs, hogs, and chickens that surround her every day on her farm near Mount Horeb. She brings her love of animals to life through images that are amusing, surprising, and thought-provoking, fulfilling her goal to, “show the amazing, truly fascinating lives of the animals we surround ourselves with.”
The exhibit is at MOWA now until April 1. There will be an Artist Panel Saturday, March 17, from 2:00–3:00pm. Join Medaris and this year’s Biennial award winners as they discuss their work and what it means to be a Wisconsin artist in today’s globalized art world. More details online at:

Art by S. V. Medaris Medaris by some of her prints during the Biennial and her exhibit reception. A family member enjoys the large scale prints
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