A perpetual student who strives to continue to grow as an artist

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Three Pears with Copper Pitcher, 19”x 16”, Transparent watercolor
Joyce Eesley finds creating in watercolor to be an exciting medium. Every painting is a new challenge and learning experience. Her still lifes are created using interesting found objects obtained from thrift stores along with fruits, vegetables and flowers. They often include convincing minute reflected details on metal vessels and the many facets of cut glass containers.
Joyce’s watercolor paintings are created using Arches 140 lb. cold press paper and only the three primary pigments in cool and warm tones. She is able to obtain great contrast with an infinite array of color variations with vibrant translucent quality by using these transparent, staining permanent pigments. Her paintings are built up with many layers of paint, with each layer allowed to dry before applying another.
Joyce belongs to several art organizations including Wisconsin Visual Artists. She is a signature member of National Watercolor Society and Philadelphia Water Color Society. She also belongs to Wisconsin Watercolor Society, Transparent Watercolor Society (Lifetime Member), American Watercolor Society, Watercolor Honor Society, California Watercolor Society, Allied Artists of America, Missouri Watercolor Society and League of Milwaukee Artists.
Her art has been juried into many national and international exhibitions winning numerous awards. Her artwork is in the Springfield Art Museum (Springfield, MO), the West Bend Insurance Company, and in the Wustum Art Museum’s (Racine, WI) permanent collections among many other private collections throughout the United States. Currently, she has a painting being exhibited with the Missouri’s Watercolor Society’s International Exhibition at Quingdao Laotian Museum in China.
Dutch still life masters as well as the Renaissance painters and the German painter, Albrecht Dürer, have been inspirations for Joyce in her work. She is driven to push herself
further into her desire to produce artwork that will draw others to it. She considers herself to be a perpetual student and strives to continue to grow as an artist.
See more online at: www.joyceeesley.com

Three Pears with Copper Pitcher, 19”x 16”, Transparent watercolor Jonathan Apples - 14”x 19”, Transparent watercolor Blueberries - 11”x 11”, Transparent watercolor Kale - 13”x 18”, Transparent watercolor Blushing Rose Trio, 13”x 18”, Transparent watercolor
Hibiscus, 20”x 20”, Transparent watercolor Quilt with Grapes in Crystal Bowl, 17”x 21”, Transparent watercolor
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