State Board Leadership

WVA State President’s Report

Thank you for your support.
The State Board met on Saturday, May 5 in Madison. Thank you, Liz Breed for securing the venue and for many years of dedicated service on the Board. Jenie Gao will replace Liz as Vice President for the 2018-2020 term. Jenie Gao is an artist, curator, and entrepreneur. Her specialties include drawings, prints, murals, and public installations. Her work connects the health of nature’s ecosystems with human relationships and systems. Prior to building her own business, Jenie worked in for-profit and nonprofit, in the arts, education, and lean manufacturing. She believes in interdisciplinary work and having artists play a leading role in creating an integrated, sustainable society. She uses her diverse experience to advocate for and advance this vision. Her work has been shown and collected nationally and internationally. Recent clients include Planned Parenthood, Promega, and Dane Arts Mural Arts. To learn more about Jenie please visit:
WVA State Board Officers 2018-2020:
President: Tori Tasch
Vice-President: Jenie Gao
Secretary: Christine Style
Treasurer: Rosie Hartman
Members at Large: Doug Haynes (Website), Gary Gresl (Historian), Virgi Driscoll (Strategic Planning), Chris Buth Furness ( Archives)
Information on Chapter Chairs will be featured in the next issue.
Recently we began our search for an Executive Director, please visit the website for more details. Our fiscal year ends June 1, 2018. Please renew your membership and watch for details on an upcoming statewide exhibition for members only. I hope your summer is productive and enjoyable.

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