I’m excited to have been selected

Greetings From Your Executive Director

by Terry Stanley, WVA Executive Director

Terry Stanley
WVA has hired the first Executive Director in the organization’s history. I’m excited to have been selected to fill that role! My mission is to make sure that WVA remains – and grows – as a valuable tool for your use during your artistic journey. To that end...
• You’re going to see WVA with a larger social media presence promoting WVA artists and arts related issues in our State.
• You’re going to see more informative and useful content in the monthly newsletters, the quarterly magazine, and on the website.
• You’re going to see more outreach to include all genres of art, contemporary and traditional, in our membership.
• You’re going to see more opportunities for WVA members to exhibit in juried shows, both competitive and non-competitive.
• You’re going to see more outreach to galleries and art presentation venues to introduce them to the work of WVA members.
That’s quite an agenda and it obviously all cannot happen tomorrow, but the wheels are turning and with your participation, I know Wisconsin Visual Artists is going to continue building on our proud heritage as the largest and most active arts organization in our State.
If you have any comments or suggestions you’d like to make, please email me at director@wisconsinvisualartists.com. Your input is valued!
If you haven’t already renewed your membership, please do so ASAP so you can benefit from all the amazing things that are coming in the last quarter of 2018 and in 2019.
Thanks again to the State Board for giving me the opportunity to work for the visual artists of Wisconsin and their supporters!
Terry Stanley