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Introducing The WVA Chapter Chairs 2018

Bittersweet, by Jayne Reid Jackson
Thank you for your support! We are excited to begin our partnership with our first Executive Director, Terry Stanley. This process would not have happened without the dedication and commitment of the committee; and the following Chapter Chairs who began the 2018-2020 term with an important vote.
Karen Stewart, NE Co-Chair
Karen Stewart is a figurative artist working in ink, pastels, watercolor and acrylic paints.
Her passion for depicting the human figure was cemented in kindergarten after receiving high praise for foreshortening a pair
of feet! Story has always been very important to her motivation and creative process. Her models’ clothing, jewelry, props and the settings that they are placed in
are all clues to the stories of their lives, or perhaps clues to the story of Karen’s life.
Karen retired in 2016 after 28 years of teaching high school art. Her husband Larry wholeheartedly agreed that she deserved a month in Florence, Italy, at the Santa Reparata International School of Art (SRISA) in 2017 as a reward for working with teenagers for three decades. Italy was incredibly motivating, all those wonderful Renaissance and Baroque figures!
Ten years as a WVA member who never held an office lead to Karen volunteering as Chair of the NE Chapter in 2017. The chapter will be pleased to see that Karen is joined by Jane Hostetler, the new Co-Chair, this year. Karen is confident that with Jane’s help 2018-19 will be a stellar year.
Karen’s current series of drawings and paintings can be seen
at Blue Door Artworks in De Pere, Wisconsin, a studio-gallery space that she and four other artists (2 from the WVA) opened in early 2018. Karen and her husband Larry have one daughter who will start her senior year at the University of Wisconsin this fall.
Jane Hostetler, NE Co-Chair
My professional history is rooted in design. Beginning with a BFA in Design, I spent the first part of my career in Graphic Design. Later, I chose to teach while developing my studio work, which led to my decision to earn a Master of Arts Degree in Visual Studies. At present, I teach various Visual Art classes in the Green Bay area, as well as produce freelance graphic design. Presently, I produce and display an ongoing variety of abstract works at my studio, within Blue Door Artworks, De Pere, Wisconsin. Currently, my collection of work is influenced by intense observation of the environment, decomposition, and renewal, while focusing on texture and color interaction. Having been influenced by the study of ancient primitive works from all over the world, as well as contemporary graphic design, my work often draws from the pure design content of each. I work in either cold wax painting techniques or acrylic/fresco mixed media as the medium to produce an ongoing series of abstract works. It is my goal to engage the individual viewer allowing for visual interaction and personal reflection.
Jayne Reid Jackson, SC Chapter
Jayne Reid Jackson’s mezzotints are an examination of light and dark using the still life
as vehicle to study how glass and simple objects can create an atmosphere of mystery and meaning by manipulating the shadows and reflections of the objects and their surroundings. As a printmaker specializing in etching, mezzotint and monotype, she creates still life images
to express an interest in depth and light as she tries to capture what is special about everyday objects. As a lover of drawing and painting, she turned to intaglio as a way to explore line, shape and shadow and this has led to the process of mezzotint, a technique that is experiencing a rebirth among printmakers for its rich velvety blacks and its nontoxic process.
A Wisconsin native, Jayne grew up in Milwaukee and Port Washington and attended the University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee and the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She began her work in intaglio and monotype after joining a private print workshop, AGB Graphics, and currently works out of her home studio in Madison, WI. She is known internationally for her mezzotint work which uses still life elements to examine light, reflection and repetition. Her work has been consistently accepted into national and international print shows, both juried and invitational, and she is a member of several print societies across the US and exhibits regularly in their member exhibitions and international invitationals. Memberships include Society of American Graphic Artists, The Boston Printmakers, Mid-American Print Club, Los Angeles Print Society, International Mezzotint Society, and Wisconsin Visual Artists. Her work has been included in the prestigious International Mezzotint Festival in Ekaterinburg, Russia every biennial since its pre-conception in 2009.
She is also the coordinator of the annual mezzotint exchange for the International Mezzotint Society and was named its Director in 2016. Locally her work was chosen for the annual Dane County Arts Poster in 2013 and she is a Featured Artist on Wisconsin’s cultural arts website www.portalwisconsin. org. More information can be viewed on her website www. jaynereidjackson.com.
Rosie Hartmann, SE Chapter
For Rosie Hartmann, a Milwaukee, WI artist, it all started with photography and her father. As a young girl she tagged along during his photo walks. In her wild teenage years, this artist made sure to fit in graphic arts classes and enjoyed being the newspaper photographer. Those were the days of the dark room and developing her own prints. However, life sped on and her photography/art was put on hold as the years and experiences built a shell around the artist. Some people fold in on their circumstances; however this artist leaped out of her situation, got back to her passions and back to herself. Rosie Hartmann is an accomplished photographer and her work stands on its own. This wasn’t enough, because simple photography does not allow her to tell her story. Hartmann began her quest to manipulate photos to bring out her own vision of singular moments in 2011. Acrylic paints and watercolors were quickly added to her arsenal of tools to create her vision. In 2014 Rosie presented her mixed media series in a solo exhibition in Milwaukee, WI. In early 2015 she gained representation by Xanadu Gallery in Scottsdale, AZ through their vetted online gallery. Today, this artist is a speaker, writer, contributor and advocate on the topic of creating art and the business of art.

Bittersweet, by Jayne Reid Jackson Edge of Winter, by Jane Hostetler Aphrodite, by Karen Stewart Time, by Rosie Hartmann
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