Side by Side, The Academy Gallery and WP&S/WAAM

by Peggy Flora Zalucha

A Conspiracy: Ceci n'est pas un buffalo bleu, Collaborators: Monique Isham & Daniel Wiltrout, Mixed Media
The first exhibition at the Wisconsin Academy Gallery has been wonderfully received. “Collaborations”, an exhibit of artworks created collaboratively by two or more artists, has filled the small gallery with unusual, fun, and very original works. As soon as the September show is through, the Exhibition Committees will sweep in, remove one show and hang the next. The November offering will be called “Elements”. Following that will be the December show; “Non-Traditional Self Portraits”, The January show; “Recycle”, and the February show: “Pain and Trauma”. Begin preparing your submissions for these great opportunities.

These shows are being mounted on a shoe string budget but the quality of the work is first class. Fine tuning is happening with each presentation. The exhibitions are not juried shows like one is used to. First, there is no jury fee. If you sent a check and the piece was not included in the show, then the check is returned. Artists whose work will be in the show just pay a $20 exhibition fee which funds mailings and the opening. Please note that the prospectus’s now state that you can enter more than one piece as well as multiple views of 3-D work if you wish. Also, you my wish to include a statement as to why you think your artwork fits the theme. The Committees are willing to look at artwork attached to e-mail, sent on CD’s, as slides, and photos. If directed to specific works on a website, these will be viewed, too. The idea is to make it as easy to enter as possible.

There is a different committee for each show. The two constants are myself as President and Monique Isham, Academy Exhibition Chair. Each show has a Committee head and members who are responsible for the timing of the show, selecting it, receiving it, hanging it, and closing it. The works included in the exhibitions are determined by the appropriateness to the theme and the quality of the work. The committee works in a curatorial capacity, selecting the best possible show among the works submitted. This is different than selecting the best works without regard for the overall theme presented. The committee meets to look at all of the submissions and discussion ensues. The major comment is “Does it really fit the theme?” This is why the committees will read statements that may help them understand the artists intention regarding the concept.

When the last show comes down at the end of February, Monique Isham and I will meet with the Academy to determine the success of the project and decide if both the Academy and WP&S/WAAM wish to keep this process going. If everyone is positive about going forward, we will be looking for more themes, more curators, and more committee members.

This is wonderful opportunity for WP&S/WAAM. I hope you will all take advantage of it and enter at least one show.

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