Nothing beats that moment... when I can start putting down color

Featured Artist Kathy Armstrong

Morning Reflections, watercolor 20 x 22.75
Nothing beats that moment, after my initial drawing is transferred to my watercolor paper, when I can start putting down color. Iím drawn to paint things that may seem ordinary or mundane, but because of lighting or color or shape, I find exciting to bring to life. I want to make the viewer stop and notice the painting as more than vegetables on a table, or coffee canisters, but rather shapes, forms and colors that speak in their own artistic way. I hope to show the beauty (or interest) in that ordinary subject matter. I enjoy painting a variety of subjects, but seem to gravitate to close-up, simplified subjects rather than landscapes.

Each painting is built up slowly with many glazes of transparent watercolor, leaving the paper for white. This glazing method creates a glow from within and a more solid form can be achieved than some other methods. Bringing a painting to life from a stark white sheet of paper is a source of real joy for me.?

Kathy grew up in upstate NY surrounded by nature, animals and her family of eight. She graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and later moved to Wisconsin where she worked as a graphic designer. Although sheís always loved creating art, Kathy didnít discover her preferred medium, transparent watercolor, until the early 90ís. Basically self-taught in watercolor, she has taken a few inspiring classes since then.

Kathy lives in Madison, with her husband, Jim, their two teenagers and one large sheepdog. Her work is shown at the Grace Chosy Gallery in Madison as well as Edgewood Orchard Galleries in Door County, Wisconsin.

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Morning Reflections, watercolor 20 x 22.75 Magnolia, Watercolor, 14 x 16 3/4, 2001 Honey Jars, Watercolor, 2003
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