Japan Exchange Update

To: All Japan Exchange Participants

Fm: Pat Holt, Exchange Coordinator

Re: Update

Hi Everyone,

You’ll be happy to know that your committees continue to perform with skill and patience. Here’s what we’ve been up to since October’s newsletter.

Committees: Please see the website for continuous updates: www.shelleygrund.com/WPS_Japanese. Virginia Huber is Chair of Field Trips. There is no chair for the Overnight Event as yet. Committee members are Ben Barwick, Peggy Zalucha and David Klein. Kathy Armstrong has joined the Fundraising Committee.

Calendar: Please see the website for the Calendar page. There are several changes. Our overnight event will occur from Monday afternoon or early evening to Tuesday noon. Neville Museum events will be held on Wednesday, the UW Memorial Union events on Friday, West Bend on Saturday, and on Sunday afternoon we may hold the second Fashion Ceremony at the Elvehjem or at the Memorial Union.

Committee Reports:

Publicity: Pacia and her committee are preparing a press kit to go to all media. A new magazine, directed to Wisconsin’s Asian population, is launching in January 2005. I have met with the former editor of 50 Plus Lifestyles who is writing for this and other magazines. She will coordinate with Pacia the sequence of articles to appear. A writer for Isthmus will cover our events and Mary Bergin of the Cap Times, who is very active in our sister state program with Chiba, has offered her assistance.

Our logo for all stationery, press materials, etc., created by Chris Style, has been approved. Shelley will put it on the website so all can see it. Letterhead will be printed and sent to each Committee Chair. Please use that letterhead for any written communication.

Fundraising: Pattie Moen has just completed a grant application requesting funds from the Madison Rotary Club. Rotary is very involved in international work. Green Bay and Milwaukee, you might want to request funds from your local Rotary group. Michiko has requested a grant for shipping, which I’ve just signed and mailed

Interpreters: This will be one of our biggest expenses for the Exchange. We will need three professionals, one for each chapter’s reception, demos, workshops, lectures and other public events. The cost is $40 per hour plus $40 for travel plus 30 cents per mile. We need the help of every member of every Chapter to obtain donations to cover these costs.

Museum Contacts: Katherine Rosing has met with UW Porter Butts Gallery staff and students. The Friday opening is confirmed. She will meet with them again in March. The Elvehjem has changed the date of the Fashion Ceremony to Sunday at 4 p.m., requiring overtime for security guards. Katherine is following thru on this. I met with Nan Curtis of the Neville to see the space for the exhibit and the fashion ceremony, which will be held in their museum theater. Lee Mothes is her contact but was unable to join us that day.

Field Trips: Virginia will create packets for each chapter to use on our one free day, Thursday. Our schedule doesn’t permit two all-group activities.

Event: Participants have shared with the Overnight Events Committee information about several locations we might use. A deposit must be made by January 2005 for some of them. We’ll email you the selection results.

Shipping: Michiko has notified me that works from Japan will be shipped by container, transferred to a truck at the California coast port and delivered directly to each museum. The UW Porter Butts Gallery has no storage space available. We will need to find safe storage for that exhibition.

Participation Fee: It has not been set as yet, as we are trying to reduce our costs thru grants and donations. We need all your help in obtaining donations and funding to reduce our costs and make the fee affordable for everyone. If you have ideas, please share them with the Fundraising Committee.

Happy Holidays to all of you, with thanks for your continued enthusiasm and support.

Warmly, Pat