Really Big Prints 3
participating included Christine (Chris) Style, Victoria (Tori) Tasch, Laurie Talbot and Doug Haynes

Featured Artist Johanna Axelrod
A curious artist, who challenges herself with new techniques

Introducing The WVA Chapter Chairs 2018
WVA leadership

WVA Welcomes Our First Ever Executive Director
Terry Stanley of Green Bay, WI

Greetings From Your Executive Director
I’m excited to have been selected

Featured Artist Deb Menz
a sewing machine as the “paint brush"

Cherie Burbach Opening
A positive, hopeful message

Rosenberger Participates in Juried Shows
Powerful watercolors

Four exhibits with Carol Toepke
The result of patient hours spent in the field

Karen Stewart Exhibits
Shows in De Pere and Kimberly

Spring Art Tour
Open Studios in Western Dane County

Featured Artist Nina Ghanbarzadeh
Would it be possible to communicate without being concerned with legibility or translation?

WVA State President’s Report
State Board Leadership

Featured Artist Joyce Eesley
A perpetual student who strives to continue to grow as an artist

Mel Kolstad Exhibits
Exhibits in Oshkosh, Chicago and Sheboygan

Janet Roberts in the Fun Sho
At the Gallery of Wisconsin Art

Guntis Lauzums
Award winning photography

S.V. Medaris Strange Breeds
Solo show at the Museum of Wisconsin Art

Featured Artist William Millonig
Winner of all five of Wisconsin’s Conservation Stamp Contests

2018 Biennial Reception Snapshots
Shots of the opening reception

Wisconsin Artists Biennial 2018
A list of award winners

WVA State President’s Report
Opportunities to participate

Featured Artist Karen Brittain
Very loose collages serve as starting points for her paintings

Brian McCormick in two Exhibits
Iconic Wisconsin and Watercolor Wisconsin

Exhibitions at MOWA
at 205 Veterans Ave. in West Bend, WI

Two Exhibitions in NYC
Work by Deborah Dendler

Roots--Where Are You Now?
at the Center for the Visual Arts in Wausau

Mopping Up
Jan. 6 - Feb. 17, 2018

Featured Artist Terry A. Fischer
Watercolor portraits and landscape

On and About Paper a Success
Exploring the potential of paper

Artful Women
at University Hospital, 600 Highland Drive in Madison

Plan to See the 2018 Biennial
Open Feb. 3

WVA State President’s Report
Great news about the biennial, WVAAA and the Endowment

Featured Artist Patrick Doughman
revitalizing the historic techniques of egg tempera

Acker Exhibition
Crow Dreaming of Becoming a Man

Zovar Exhibit
Solo show in Madison

Tsurkan in Festival
In Oconomowoc

Lauzums in Two Exhibits
One in Milwaukee and one in NYC

Exhibition in Monroe
Inspirations Unleashed by Driftless Area

Featured Artist Don MacCrimmon
not-usually- visible things

WVA Using Constant Contact & More
e-mails to promote events, meetings and exhibits

Gary John Gresl’s Book Has Arrived
A must have for your library

WVA State President’s Report
Don't forget the Biennial

Featured Artist Chuck Bauer
Plien air cityscapes

Featured Artist Paul Bobrowitz
found objects “call out” to Paul, “insisting they come to life as sculpture”

Men Of Metal - Niemi Dual Sculpture Exhibition
A retrospective of 49 years of Bruce A. Niemi & his Father Frank’s sculptures

Mount Horeb Area Spring Art Tour
Peek in on artists at work and demonstrating in a variety of media

WVA State President’s Report
Enter the 2018 Wisconsin Artists Biennial

Featured Artist Josef-Peter Roemer
A mixture of exotic, ordinary, foreign, erotic, historical, actual, and archetypal

Ellen Anderson Exhibits
Three shows

Colette Girard Exhibit
Unique View of the Ordinary World

Ann Haberl Exhibit

Barbara Vater Exhibits
Exhibits in Prairie du Sac and Madison

Melissa (Mel) Kolstad Exhibits
Shows in Milwaukee and Fon du Lac

Linda Hancock Exhibits
Three exhibits

WVA State President’s Report

WVA Endowment Fund
Support our future

Learn, Interact, and Speak out for the Arts
Arts day

We Draw and paint
Awards chosen

Featured Artist Susan Sveda-Uncapher
a quiet aesthetic

Awards Coming Soon
Wisconsin Visual Art Achievement Awards

Mothes works in group show
ocean-surf drawings

Featured Artist Claudette Lee-Roseland
active in the Wisconsin art scene

2016 Wisconsin Artists Biennial
At the Museum of Wisconsin Art

Member News Nov. 2016
Events, Awards, Exhibits, Opportunities

Featured Artist Patricia Duren
a variety of subject matter from landscapes to portraits

Members present at MId-america Print council conference
an interactive workshop

Arts institutions in Cedarburg collaborate in Three Fine Folk exhibitions
Three Fine Folk

Emerging,” A Hopeful Word With a Smile from Sisyphus
hopeful and expectant; naĂŻve and energetic;

Print workshop / show
from Nov. 13, 2016 - Feb. 19, 2017

WVA State President’s report
Please join us at our next State Board meeting

Featured Artist Jean M. Judd
Some of the nuances of Judd’s textile works could be missed at a glance...

Jean Judd Exhibitions
Three national shows

Susan Phillips: Solo show
in a a Frank Lloyd Wright House

Really big prints 2016
made with a steamroller

Featured Artist Sara Willadsen
a curiosity for aesthetics and found materials

In Memory of Lee Ann Kleeman
An accomplished fiber artist

WVA State President’s report by Victoria (Tori) Tasch, WVA President
A message from our new president

Featured Artist Katheryn Corbin
remarkable ceramic art

In memory of Theron Caldwell Ris
respect for animals was a central characteristic of her being

Sculpture Park Celebration
unveiling new work

Joan North honored
5th Annual All Women art exhibit

Colette Odya Smith Exhibits Internationally
Exhibits in China and France

Exibits by Dale Van Minsel
Work at the Neville and Two Fish Gallery

Featured Artist Nova Czarnecki
inner and outer worlds

10th Annual Mt. Horeb Area Spring Art Tour
peek in on artists working and demonstrating

setting our sights on the 2018 Biennial

Featured Artist Robin Jebavy
something infinite and enveloping

American Road Trip
Also Solo Show Award Exhibit, April 11 - May 22, 2016

Carolyn A Rosenberger Exhibits
Midwest Seasons and Winters Garden

Featured Artist Elizabeth Breed
art as self-exploration

Villa Terrace Exhibition
February 25th through May 8th, 2016

The 2016 WVA Biennial Exhibition
see the exhibit, get the catalog

2016 WVA Biennial notes
52 works by 49 artists

WVA State President’s report
Another successful Biennial

Featured Artist Christine Buth-Furness
abstracted portraits of places experienced, spaces navigated, and those imagined

The Midwestern Landscape
Work by Richard Wunsch

Shows by Deborah Dendler
Exhibits in New York, Massachusetts and Vermont

On exhibit at the John Michael Kohler Art Center
Exploring the relationship between photography and science

Works at MIAD
Three shows on view

2016 Biennial - LAST CHANCE!
Enter online before Sun., Nov. 22, 2015

Featured Artist Carol Pflughoeft
Digital photographs combined with fractal patterns

Contemporary views a success
At Lawton Gallery, UW-Green Bay

WVA State President's Report
Get your entry in the Biennial

Featured Artist Jordan Acker Anderson
Painting as an act of meditation

WVA Chapter News
Awards and actvities from our chapters

Real People 2015
Paintings of people in hats by Janet Roberts

Haynes Awarded Lifetime Membership
Painter, Editor, Writer and Web designer

Featured Artist Kay Brathol-Hostvet
Midwestern landscapes in acrylic and soft pastel

Polorization - Division Series
Work by Ray Zovar and Mark Pflughoeft

Artist Residency at lynden
Work by Pat Hidson and Tori Tasch

Being featured on the cover of Our Wisconsin
Photography by Carol Toepke

WVA State President’s report
WVA members have so much to be proud of

Featured Artist Gary John Gresl
Large site specific installations

NE Chapter awards prizes
Since 2010, the NE Chapter of WVA has awarded a yearly prize for outstanding student artwork on the

Wisconsin Visual Art Achievement Awards (WVAAA)
Sunday, May 24, 2015 at MOWA in West Bend at 2:00pm

New Lifetime member
A WVA member for 22 years

Featured Artist Michelle Richeson
A kaleidoscope of colors

9th Annual Mt. Horeb area Spring Art Tour
Professional artists from Western Dane County

WVA State President’s report from Christine Style
Report on the recent WVA State Board meeting

Featured Artist Elmer Petersen
Welded sculpture

Beacons of the Earth and Sky, Paintings and Poetry Inspired by the Natural World
Randolph pays acute attention to nature

Our volunteers make us strong

We will miss you

Learn useful skills

I’ve enjoyed working with so many talented and hardworking artists

ENTRY DEADLINE: Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015

Featured artist J.J. JOYCE

2015 WVA Achievement Awards: Sunday, May 24 - West Bend
Wisconsin Visual Art Achievement Awards

Focus On Daliah
Works by Cheri Martell

WVA Endowment
Thank you to Robert Ragir and the Meyer and Norma Ragir Foundation.

An Artist’s Journey
A new book by Jean Judd

Featured Artist Marie Mellott
Using a variety of materials

Lee Mothes, New Island, Extraordinary
A place that has a magical way of fading into and out of existence

WVA State President’s Notes
Chris Style will continue as ‘Acting President.’

Featured Artist Jane Fasse
Mining a lifelong library of sketches and studies

Gail McCoy: Exhibitions
A busy schedule

Landscapes Here and There
Works by Audrey Dulmes

Chuck Bauer: “Recent Oil Paintings”
Works in plein air

Featured Artist Nancy Monsebroten
Creation as a healing form of meditation

It Could Have Been Kindling
Tom Loeser: works in wood

Steamroller Printing
Really big prints made with a steamroller

Award for O.V. SHAFFER
Commendation of his career contributions to art in Wisconsin

Endowment Fund Urgent Status!
Help us meet the challenge!

WVA State President’s Notes
WVA Chapters are busy planning exhibits and setting up their next years schedules

Featured Artist Liz Phillips
Inspired by her natural surroundings and her travels

Message from the President
Consider sharing your leadership skills

2014 WVA Lifetime Achievement Awards: Friday, May 16 - West Bend
At the Museum of Wisconsin Art

Endowment Fund Rising
Step forward and help out!

Featured Artist Peter Dahlke
A confluence of intuitive and deliberative forces

2014 Mt. Horeb Area Spring Art Tour
An open studios event, June 6 - 8, 10am-5pm daily

Merit Prize by Northeast Chapter
A prize for outstanding student artwork

Internship for Southeast Chapter
Outreach to emerging artists, educators, and members of the local community

Featured Artist Anthony Suminski
Works in egg tempra

2014 Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards Friday, May 16, 2014 at 5pm
Sunday, May 18, 2014 5pm

2006 Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achivement Awards

2010 Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achivement Awards

2011 Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achivement Awards

Jean Judd in Four Shows
Judd has work in four states

Jayne Reid Jackson in Mezzotints and More and Total Print Show
Shows in Marshfield and Milwaukee

Gary John Gresl in Invitational Exhibit
March 25 - May 23, 2014

WVA Endowment
Make a contribution

Thank You Tom Lidtke
His efforts over the decades have helped raise the visibility of artists in Wisconsin

Featured Artist Larry Booth
A true third dimension transforms wall art into a tactile as well as visual experience

On view until March 9, 2014 at the Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend.

Featured Artist Maureen Fritchen
Fritchen’s collage, encaustic and sculptural assemblages offer us a chance to enjoy the beauty of im

WVA Endowment
Let’s take advantage of this generous offer and meet the challenge!

How Dear Was my Venue
Places can reveal kinship in their missions, influences and subtle importance.

30 Paintings in 30 Days
Plein Air by Doug E. L. Haynes

Wisconsin Art in Chicago
Denise Presnell-Weidner at Pastels Chicago 2013

Artist Beware
Don’t fall for the sweet talk!

Featured Artist Patricia Keller
Utilizing unlikely color, gestural line, and texture.

Claudette Lee-Roseland's painting on a Milwaukee digital billboard along highway 41

A mission is to bring fiber as a medium to the art world.

Featured Artist Jerry Belland
Humor is radical honesty.

WVA Endowment Match Grant Opportunity
For those who appreciate Wisconsin art

A passion for beauty and a fascination with vibrant color...

Six WVA artists were recently invited to exhibit and reunite with 4 Japanese artists

Nonobjective and stylized images on Yupo

“Through Mia’s Eyes”
April 15 - June 1 at Gallery & Frame Shop, 94 South Main St., Fond du Lac, WI.

“Light” - WVA SE Chapter Invitational Exhibit
May 5 - July 4,

Featured Artist Jean D. Sobon
A painter, poet, writer, recorder of dreams and traumas, instincts and ruminations

Spring Art Tour
Twenty professional artists: June 7 - 9, 10:00 am-5:00 pm.

2013 Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards (WVALAA)
Sunday, May 19, 1:30 pm at the new Museum of Wisconsin Art, West Bend.

Featured Artist Kathie Wheeler
To smell the earth and be surrounded by birdsong is a gift.

Jeff Stern
Midwest Seasons

Lee Weiss
Thunder Falls

Mary Ann Carter
23rd Annual Midwest Seasons Exhibit

Diana Randolph
Winter Magic

William Millonig
Wisconsin Reflections

Featured Artist Susan J. Atkinson
A moment of peacefulness

Featured Artist Mark Pflughoeft
The “Now-Here” series

Gary John Gresl: an Assembler
Installations and Outstallations

Vivid Transitions
At THE Fine Art Gallery

Cover Art
Dane County Cultural Affairs Comission 2013 Calendar

Denise Presnell-Weidner
In the Oak Park Art League’s national competitive art exhibit

 Featured Artist Gene Mihleisen
I bend and twist torn shapes into organic forms

Member News Highlights
At Art & Soul Gallery

Featured Artist Richard W. Patt
Barns in the Wisconsin Landscape

Clarence P. Cameron
Work from the Birds in Art Show

Diana Randolph
Art responding to a recent proposal to mine iron in the Penokee Range of Northern Wisconsin

Janet Roberts
Award winning work from 20th Anniversary Juried Alumni Show at the Anderson Arts Center

S.V. Medaris
One season of life on the farm

WVA Endowment
a new endowment goal of $75,000

Featured Artist Robert Maynord
Beauty ... is found in relationship, in dialogue and balance.

Featured Artist RaeAnn Blom
an expressionistic, mixed media artist

WVA Endowment
We reached our $50,000 endowment goal!

Featured Artist Gwyned Trefethen
A quilter who morphed into a fiber artist.

Watch the artists at work in their studios and shop their wares June 8-10, 2012

Award ceremony Sunday, May 20, 2012 at the Museum of Wisconsin Art (MWA) in West Bend, WI

Tony Rajer
Tony Rajer will be honored in Madison, WI with an engraved boulder memorial.

Featured Artist Thomas Eddington
carved forms that express the idea of growth patterns within a universal life force

The Robert Rajir Foundation has offered a match grant of $12,500 to get us to $75,000

A sunny look at Wisconsin


Featured Artist Julie Briede Ibar
A close look at nature

Susan Martin
An artist from Waupaca

A show of support for WVA

Mary Ann Carter
Mama Wuz in a Rock n' Roll Band

Christine Alfery
Best of Show

Peg Cullen in Themed Show
at the Monroe Arts Center

Landfill Art Project
The world being born on the back of a turtle

First International Artists For Conservation Festival
Celebration and preservation of the natural world

UWM Faculty Show
Still Life with Book of Words

Spike Lavender Oil
A healthy alternative to turpentine

WVA Update
An exciting time for WVA

Featured Artist Cathy Jean Clark
Hummingbird Press

Jim Liedtke
Sculpture in wood

Delafield Arts Center
A new art center in South East Wisconsin

Joyce Eesley's Watercolor Workshops
Two workshops at at Alverno College in Milwaukee

Painting “Live” At the World Equestrian Games
Chuck Weber's on site paintings of horses

2011 Wisconsin Artists Biennial
The 2011 Biennial at the Anderson Art Center in Kenosha

WVA Status Report
WVA is moving forward

Birds in Art 2011
A national show at the Woodson museum in Wausau

Featured Artist Karen Kurka Jensen
Works in Sumi-e

Evelyn Patricia Terry
Work by Milwaukee artist Evelyn Patricia Terry

Women of Summer
June 3 - 24 at the Monroe Art Center in Monroe

Spring Art Tour June 10-12
Visit open studios in Dane County

Colette Odya Smith
Au Natural at Katie Gingrass Gallery through June 2011

Sandra Degeorge
Art in travelling exhibition

Andrée Valley
At De Ricci Gallery at Edgewood College in Madison April 11 - May 20

THE Fine Art Gallery
Upcoming shows with works by Driscoll, Costello and others

Our Capitol
A conservator's report on the proported dammage to our capitol

The Arts Face Severe Funding Cuts
How the arts fair under Governor Walker

Featured Artist Rachel Durfee
Durfee shares her thinking on making prints.

SE Chapter Exhibition
At Alverno College in Milwaukee through February 27, 2011

Vera Nikiforov
The creation of a portrait a complicated artistic process that thrills me each and every time

WVA Endowment Supporters
Thanks for your support

Roots of Mind: Thoughts and Memories
This installation explores the mind and its processes...

Arts Day 2011
Get out and support the arts!

In memory of Celeste Spransy
brilliantly colored abstract watercolors

Reginald Baylor
One from Wisconsin Show at the Museum of Wisconsin Art

Midwest Seasons
Midwest Seasons Exhibition at the Center For The Visual Arts in Wausau

Christine Alfery
Perpetual Motion at Nicolet Art Gallery in Rhinelander

Artists of the New North
An exhibition at the Bergstrom-Mahler Museum

THE Fine Art Gallery
Four shows at THE Fine Art Gallery

Marie App: Landforms
App's show at Wild Apple in Menasha

Digital Blues
Errors in submissions of digital entries

Featured Artist Kris Parins
Parins discusses mixing old and new technologies

Add your Member News to

Ray Zovar Exhibition
Show at Katie Gingrass Gallery in Milwaukee

Eddee Daniel - Inside/Outside
Photographer explores the mark of construction fences on the landscape

Tamara Tsurka Exhibits
Tsurkan shows whimsical and contemporary

WVA president Christine Style
A message from our incoming WVA president

Christine Buth Furness at Watercolor Wisconsin
Buth Furness also participates in shows in New Mexico and Texas

Museum of Wisconsnsin Art Acquires work by Evelyn Patricia Terry
Museum acquires work by Wisconsin artists from Miller/Coors

Featured Artist Helen Klebesadel
Visual exploration of orchids of Wisconsin and the vanilla plant.

Rita Yanny
Personal narratives that draw together experiences, dreams, stories, and emotions

Getting your images and info onto the WVA Website
Don't be invisible on our site

The Artist and The IRS
Be prepared for tax time

Friends from Japan

Marie MelLott and Tom Pscheid at The Art Gallery

Color, Pattern, Surface: Terry Hope Solo Show

Dave Tilton

Dan Simoneau

Support the WVA Endowment
Help us meet our challenge grant!

Paradigms of Color

Two Galleries Merge

Featured Artist Sally Berner
Interesting light can make an otherwise ordinary subject exciting

Alive in the Arts

Spring Art Tour 2010

Jeff Stern
Paintings and drawings at the University of Wisconsin Health Science Learning Center

Ruth Muehlmeier
A longstanding WVA member

The Medium is the Message

Dave Tilton

The Art Gallery Shows

Remebering Lee Holt

Tips on Getting Along with an Art Dealer
A relationship requiring communication

Featured Artist Amy E. Arntson
Both fragile and seemingly eternal

Wisconsin Artist Marketplace

Why You Need an Artist Web site?
Get your work shown

Mixed Greens

Come what may

New Milwaukee Gallery

Lee Mothes

Carolyn Rosenberger

Theron Caldwell Ris

Sally Berner

Rosing and Rose in EarthCurve

Christine Alfery

Midwest Seasons at Wausau’s CVA

Chuck Weber: Violin Art

Watercolor Wisconsin

Arts Day March 2 and 3: Your chance to be an Arts Advocate

New Museum of Wisconsin Art Installation

Featured Artist Ray Zovar
A depth of texture

Support the WVA Endowment fund

Jeb Prazak

Artist Statements: What are they? Do I need one?
Artist statements are a fairly recent phenomenon

Back in the World: Portraits of Wisconsin Vietnam Veterans

Supporting local art makes all of us richer

Future of Zingale Mural in Doubt at UW-Madison

Bilhenry Walker

Judith Reidy

Naturescapes by Tamlyn Akins

Milwaukee Plein Air Event

The Fine Art of Children’s Book Illustration

Panel Discussion on the Contemporary Visual Art of Wisconsin

Wisconsin Emerging Arts Leaders Network

Avoiding Bad Bets and the Dane County Cultural Affiars Commission

Featured Artist Jeff Hargreaves
Tangible things represented eloquently

SE Chapter Juried Exhibition

S. V. Medaris - Corn Fed

Looking at Arts incubators: The torpedo Factory & the Garver Feedmill
Showing art / meeting the public

Peg Cullen - plein air

65th Art Annual

Oshkosh Triennial

Oil and Water Mixed
Doug E. L. Haynes and Aaron Wilbers

50 Women - Sept. 26 - Nov. 14

Business Cards for Artists, Why you need one
A easy way to promote yourself

Poetry and Art Collaboration

Arts in Crisis Symposium

The 2009 Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards

Featured Artist Katie Musloff
People are large fleshy props to be posed and molded into dynamic compositions

Spring Art Tour

Diane Arenberg

Joyce Eesley at NWS

Underground Comics at the Chazen

Graphic Novel Reading List
Comics on serious topics

The Art of the Graphic Novel

The Great Recession: The state of the art economy in Wisconsin

2009 Wisconsin Artists Biennial Participating Artists

Book Review: Hidden Agenda
Bjerke’s book on going through a devastating medical procedure

Wisconsin Visual Arts Lifetime Achievement Awards

Cultural Links That Bind – Things Regional

WVA SE Chapter 2009 Exhibition

Wisconsin Arts Board Grant

WVA’s New Logo and Publication

Featured Artist Jayne Reid Jackson
An energy and a rhythm in the composition

Audrey Sargent

SE Chapter Membership Exhibition

2009 Wisconsin Artists Biennial in Manitowoc

Spring Art Tour Preview Exhibit at Overture

In Truth

Award Winners at the WVA 2009 Membership Exhibition at the Neville

Winners of the SE Chapter Print and Drawing Show

WVA Logo To Be Unveiled

Watrous Show Dissapointing

Museum Closings Worldwide

Current Tendencies: Ten Artists from Wisconsin

Featured Artist Kate Bradley
I take a large concept and re-picture it

WVA SE Chapter Meets New MAM Director

Melvin McGee at Wild Apple
A self taught artist

SE Chapter Print and Drawing Exhibit

64th Art Annual at Neville

Sally Berner

Elemental - Works by Katherine Rosing & David Sear

Kite Photography Then and Now: George Lawrence and Craig Wilson

A Message from Wisconsin Visual Artists President

FR. Don Claude Noel Remembered
a great figurative sculptor

Featured Artist Jill Verbick
Life is a challenging and informative teacher

Southeast Chapter Portrait Exhibition


Drawing Influence: Joseph Friebert & His Students
A respected artist and art educator at the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee

Lee Mothes

Tori Tasch at Carroll University, October 17 - November 22

Gary John Gresl Nohl Fellowship Exhibition at INOVA Oct. 10 - Jan. 18

Robert Schultz Drawings, 1990 - 2007
Closely observed and meticulously drawn figures

Dr. Evermore aka Tom Every: An Artisan of Delight
Beauty and design implicit in all metal objects

Message from WVA President, David Sear

Unmasked and From Wisconsin

Featured Artist Mike Watson
Paintings that are narrative or thematic


Wisconsin - Saitama Art Exchange 2008, SNAPSHOTS of japan

Michael Casey’s Abstractions Focus on our Precious Environment
Privileged Planet series

Censorship by a minority: Fear and Intolerance in the Art Game

All votes are in. . . WP&S/WAAM is now WVA - Wisconsin Visual Artists

Charles W. Thwaites: Reviving a Life and Building a Legend
A Regionalist and a Modernist, a Midwesterner and a Southwesterner

The Very Last Junkie Article

Featured Artist Mary Ann Carter
My abundant love of life shines through in my photographs.

Mary Ann Carter

Pending Legislation to Have Negative Impact on Artists
The ophan works bill

Historic Structure Demolished

Understanding WP&S

Santos Zingale and Joseph Friebert: Explored and Honored by Exhibits at the Museum of Wisconsin Art
Working in their unique Modernist 20th Century figural styles.

Two Cultures One Spirit Exhibition: Wisconsin - Saitama Art Exchange 2008

China Earthquake Relief

Calling All Wisconsin Artist Cooperatives, Collectives and Incubators

Artistic Tradition: Being a Part of Something Big

Hotcakes Closes, Marn Loses Director, Only Bronze Fonz Remains

The Vote

Changes to

Product Placement

Featured Artist Laura Ibbotson
Muted colors, soft organic shapes, and soft edges.

Spring Art Tour

WP&S artists prepare for Japan Exhibition

News briefs

New Chicago Art Magazine

2008 Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards

Locally Grown
A challenge to try one month of consuming only locally grown art

The Water Closet Gallery

Wisconsin's Canvas Ceiling

Featured Artist Dara Larson
I am most interested in space, intuitive geometry, fractals, tessellation and compartmentalization.


Milwaukee Journal Sentinel Gains an Art Critic

The Art of Climate Change

The Seven County Artist Exhibition

14 South Artists Spring Show

Mt. Horeb Area Arts Association Spring Art Tour

Apply Directly - Do Not Depend on Trickle Down or Osmosis

UW Art Faculty Exhibit at the Chazen Museum

“Emerging”, A Hopeful Word and a Smile from Sisyphus

Featured Artist Lee Weiss
Go with the flow

Exhibits around the state


Business of Art Symposium January 10-12, 2008

Getting to Must

Charles Allis Museum Wisconsin Masters Series 2008: H. S. Moynahan
She effectively captured her world with excitement, verve, and uniqueness

Art and business skills workshop

Call for Artists: Water Feature at Frances Plaza


League of Milwaukee Artists at MWA, Jan. 2-Mar. 2

John Stuart Curry: Youth Helps Rebuild a World in West Bend
Youth Helps Rebuild a World: John Steuart Curry's last work

Purchase of Rare Audubon Painting Advances Woodson Art Museum’s Ambitions

Bacon, Koons with Hirst, and a Side of Yue Minjun

Featured Artist William Schulman
A student of Joe Friebert, Robert Von Neumann and Elsa Ulbricht

WP&S Endowment: We Can do it!

Aaron Bohrod at the Watrous

Borders and Barriers - The Madison Watercolor Society

RECYCLED: the work of Audrey Paesel

Amy Ruffo at the Wilson Center for the Arts

The Work of Art: Business Skills for Artists: workshops September 2007-May 2008

Lee Weiss work exhibited in Prauge

Wisconsin’s Visual Art Legacy
Mary Alice Wimmer

Southeast Chapter Exhibit

The Artistic Geography of Martin Ramirez: Exhibition Review at the Milwaukee Art Museum

Small Treasures

Museum of Wisconsin Art Draws Upon Wisconsin Artists for Planning

Member Interview: Patricia Obletz

You Stink

Featured Artist Charles F. Wickler
I look for inspiration from casual encounters with words

NE Chapter at Steenbock Gallery

South East Chapter Exhibition at the Steenbock Gallery

NE Wisconsin Art Update

R. Charlie Lyons Obituary
Wisconsin Printmaker, Teacher, Framer, & Door County Art Resource

Religion, Rock and Rebar: Wisconsin’s Outsider Folk Art Environments

One Artist’s Way: Gary John Gresl


Museum Disaster

Making Money Selling Art: Who Cares? A Response
Art is not “about the money,” but it definitely is about selling my paintings.

New Director for the Rahr-West art Museum, Manitowoc

Journal Sentinel updated interactive “art city” online now!

Journal Sentinel updated interactive “art city” online now!


Featured artist: Sarah Aslakson
An interested in how color itself, rather than shading or composition, affect mood

Santos Zingale retrospective at the Memorial Union
A teacher at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

The six at MCCCA

WP&S Southeast Chapter Exhibit at The Steenbock

Jane Hammond at the Chazen

Le Giclee  

Le Giclee  

Visual Centering: Photographic Promptings

In the Collage of Life

The New Island Relocation Guide

Works by Award Winners From the Wisconsin Artists Biennial

Wisconsin Artists Biennial 2007

Uploading to Your Art to

Milwaukee Artist Marketplace, July 28th, Milwaukee Art Museum

Book Review: Aaron Bohrod a Decade of Still Life
The unfolding of Bohrod’s work

Making Money Selling Art: Who Cares?
Art will never be about the money

Mazomanie Historic Art Center

Ready to Art Overdose? Get Off Your Duff and Gas ‘Er Up!

Featured artist: Cardi Toellner
Challenging myself to produce a fascinating photograph

2007 Wisconsin Artist's Biennial

Owen Gromme and Kristen Westlake
A panter of birds and a wildlife photographer

Marjorie King - at the WPT Art and Antiques Auction

Ervin Nowicki, Art Educator, Artist and Friend
A stimulating art teacher

The Ozaukee Art Center Presents: Rachel Durfee

Spring Art Tour: June 8 - 10

The End of Art as We Know It


2007 Wisconsin Visual Art Lifetime Achievement Awards

Featured artist: Christine Style
Hybrid images that invite the viewer to contemplate unexpected possibilities

WP&S Southeast Chapter Exhibition

Oshkosh, Artist Haven

Green Bay: Three Galleries to See

The Cool Factor: The New Museum of Wisconsin Art

Museum of Wisconsin Art: Bold Contemporary Image Unveiled

Nancy Lamers at the Charles Allis

Climate Change in the North Woods

2007 Art of Note

Watercolor Wisconsin… Still Worth the Trip

Robert Von Neumann

2007 Biennial Update

The “Hello Kitty” Generation has a global art movement

Featured artist: Sue Medaris
Sue lives on a farm in Southern Wisconsin amidst chickens, dogs, cats, peafowl, turkeys, and pigs

Founder of a respected, broad minded art program

Member Interview: Mary Ann Carter

Workshops on Legal Issues for Artists

Credit Where Credit is Due

Sarah Aslakson at the Wilson Center

Rural Visions: Selected Works and Reception Photos

Rita Crooks

Artists’ books: Promoting your work
With notes on the book Wood Block Prints by Steve Chappell

The Regional Art Junkie: Can You Even Handle Success

Featured Artist Michael Kutzer
I learned how to build up a painting from my father


Side by Side: Art With Attitude at the Steenboch Gallery, Madison


Carol Emmons Solo exhibition

Exhibit: Friends of the West Bend Art Museum


Workshop: Legal Issues for Artists


“Gallery Works” with Kitty Lynne Klich

Wisconsin Masters Series: Charles Dix (1940-2005)
Contrasts of strong dark brushwork against more diaphanous, vaporous forms


Hockey Exhibit

A posthumous retrospective



Filmmaker from Albania

Finding deeper meaning through artist statements
An artists’ thoughts add to the depth of a piece

Jean Roberts Guequierre (Milwaukee) and Diane Sheehan (Madison)

WP&S Southeast Chapter Exhibition

The Regional Art Junkie

Art tour and open studio events

New Island Project

Otto Bielefeld Rediscovered at the West Bend Museum of Art
A retrospective for a long-neglected gem of an artist

The Brushworks 5 Biennial

Museum of Wisconsin Art in West Bend

Photography at the Chazen

The Art Scene in Southeastern WI

The power of the visual arts & the law of unintended consequences
How celebrating beauty can also destroy it

What if?

Featured artist Bonnie de Arteaga
I blend images from science, myth and nature

Ronald Trent Anderson at the Wisconsin Union Galleries.

Milwaukee Art Museum Hosts Second Annual Milwaukee Artist Marketplace

SE Chapter meets at Niemi Sculpture Gallery

North-East Chapter Holds “Plagiarization Potluck”

Up North: Imaging Northwoods Culture & Mythology at West Bend

Things of Nature and the Nature of Things

Northwoods Art Scene

“Scandal of Pleasure” author on UW-Green Bay Campus

Provincial or Regional?

Provincial or Regional?

Featured Artist Vergi Driscoll
I immerse myself in the act of creating and solving the problems of painting in my studio

Featured Artist Peggy Flora Zalucha
When I first started painting in the medium, I was told “You can’t do that with watercolor”

Katherine Steichen Rosing: Luminance

Book Review: Hanging by a thread
Kite photoraphy in Wisconsin

Our Endowment: Rising to the Challenge

In Memoriam: John Wilde (1919-2006)
A painter, printmaker, illustrator, and sometime writer


Wisconsin Regional Art Junkie

Adding Wisconsin Art to the Curriculum

Aaron Bohrod
The University of Wisconsin, Madison’s second Artist in Residence

MVAR meets with director of Cultural Alliance

The Visual Arts in Madison: An Introduction

Madison People Places and Events Opening

Legislation Alert Tax Bill for Artists

From the Valley: Co-op Galleries

Summer in the Northwoods

Lucia Stern, Exhibit Post Mortem Charles Allis Art Museum, Milwaukee, Dec.-Jan, 06

Milwaukee to Host National Arts Event

Link Exchanges

Featured Artist George Ronsholdt
Inner worlds of memories and dreams

Out of Whistler’s Window: The Etched Work of James McNeill Whistler & Sir Francis Seymour Haden

State Street gallery: A new venue in Madison

Watercolor Wisconsin, Wustum Art Museum, Racine

The Arts Scene on State St.

Making A Living, Making A Life

Milwaukee Area Teachers of Art

Madison People Places and Events

Wisconsin’s Visual Arts Legacy: Robert Hodgell
Painter printmaker and sculptor

Two Cultures, One Spirit Japan/Wisconsin

Visual Arts Reporting in Wisconsin Media, and You

Featured Artist Bruce Niemi
If you studied my art you would know my heart

Photos of Two Cultures One Spirit

Original or Gicle?

I Remember Center Gallery: Waxing Nostalgic
A Gallery co-op in Madison

“Forward” A Survey of Wisconsin Art (Plus a Biennial and a Triennial Too)

South East Chapter Exhibition

The Colt School of Art

Featured Artist Ben Barwick
Sculpture must be touched to be completely experienced

Japan Exchange Events 2005

In Memory of Robert Von Neumann 1888 - 1980

Milwaukee Artist Marketplace a Success

Japan Exchange History

Birds in Art

Art Walks, Open Studios & Tours

Japan Exchange Update

Saitama Journal

Award Winners from the WP&S 2005 Wisconsin Artists Biennial

With Friends: Six Magic Realists, 1940–1965

Japan Exchange Exhibits & Events: Fall, 2005



Juror’s statement - 2005 Wisconsin Artists Biennial



Featured artist David Sear
Riverscapes, agricultural landscape, and local industrial scenes


Painting Restoration Strips Away Layers to Reveal a Treasure

Cedarburg Plein Air Festival: A Painting Event not to be Missed

Gates Work Like a Walk in the Park

Robert Grilley Retrospective at the UW Madison Memorial Union Gallery
A strong influence from the old masters

Featured artist Lee Grantham
Reverse painting on plexiglass

The Power of a Good Story

Highlights of contemporary Wisconsin ceramics

Arts Wisconsin

Opportunity Knocks


Don Reitz Retrospective

Auer used his gift for words to share love of art, history
Milwaukee Journal art editor from 1972 - 2005

Featured Artist Kerry Shea
Capturing honest emotions in clay

Japan Exchange Update

Non-Traditional Self-Portrait


Come Hang Art in our Office

Domain Renewal Scam

Nigerian Art Buyer

Wisconsin’s Visual Arts Legacy
Agnes Jessen Slater

Casein: Its Use and Characteristics
one of the oldest and most durable media

Featured Artist Kathy Armstrong
Nothing beats that moment... when I can start putting down color

Artists: Making A Living, Making A Life: Workshops on the business of art

Side by Side, The Academy Gallery and WP&S/WAAM

Second Exhibition at Overture to Focus on James Watrous

Woodcuts by Ray Gloeckler on Exhibit at the Elvehjem
If we had living national treasures, Ray Gloeckler would be one of them.

How to Write An Artist's Statement
What to include... and what to omit

New Gallery in Ripon: “Eye of the Arts”

Neville Public Museum’s 60th Art Annual

Wisconsin’s Visual Arts Legacy: James Schwalbach
His radio program ‘lets draw’ reached more students than perhaps any other educator in history

Famous Wisconsin Artists and Architects
Acclaimed artists and lesser-known artists of Wisconsin

Featured Artist Jason Fricke
A drawing style that reflects the ephemeral nature of the dance itself

Events in Madison

WP&S Artists to Exhibit at Schauer Art Center


A note from Steve Ballard (outgoing NorthEast Chapter Chair)

Arts Build: Using the Arts to Foster Economic Development in Rural Southwest Wisconsin

Uttech is good for you and me...or not?

Wisconsin Arts Congress: Converge, Explore, Dream, Create, Talk, Act.

Wisconsin’s Visual Arts Legacy: Alfred Sessler
A professor in the University of Wisconsin- Madison’s Faculty of Art and Art Education

Wisconsin’s Visual Arts Legacy: Alfred Sessler

Tom Uttech speaks about his work

Featured artist Charis Congail
Mr. Fixit loses his marbles

2005 Japan Exchange News

WP&S to Manage Exhibition Space in Madison

What is art

Don’t Blink

Photos of WVALAA

Wisconsin’s Visual Arts Legacy
James Watrous

Self Introduction of your new statewide president.

A Message from the Outgoing President

featured artist Nancy Lamers
Trying to find the meaning of life


Wisconsin’s Visual Arts Legacy: John Steuart Curry
An artist-in-residence at the University of Wisconsin

Exhibiting Art in Cyberspace


“From the Mundane to the Marvelous”
symbolism and surrealism

The Arts Scene on Monroe St.

A new Gallery/Coop In Madison

Do You Save Your Old Newsletters?


The Process of Turning Potential into Reality

Wisconsin’s Visual Arts Legacy: Edmond Lewandowski
A Modernist during the late 1930s and 1940s

Longtime Gallery Owner Grace Chosy Reflects

Featured Artist Kiyong Bae
Dreams, stories and adventures

the Sad Truth about the Memorial Union’s “Terrace Chairs on the Town”

The Wisconsin Foundation for the Arts


Speaker to present Work to SC Chapter

A Question of Ethics

Dean Meeker Estate Auction
Selling the creations of a lifetime

Featured Artist Janet Roberts
creating a small drama--setting a stage--that is static but has the possibility to become richer and

South East Chapter’s Member’s Show, VISUAL MIX


Regarding the Artist’s right to information

WP&S proposal spawns partnership of visual artists and poets
The Epidemic Peace Imagery Project

A new Center for the Visual arts in Wausau

A Versitle studio in Mount Horeb adds a new dimension
Millennium Murals and Milling Around

JUROR’S STATEMENT for the WP&S Wisconsin Artist’s Biennial

The Wisconsin Visual Art Hall of Fame

A Strange Love, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Biennial.

Madison Open Art Studios

Event Success Inspires Artists, Arts Groups, Educators, Politicians and Business Leaders to Create “Blueprint for Action"

Add your Member News to

Featured Artist - Kaaren Oreck
A three step process in creating

Northeast Chapter Summer Meeting

NortNortheast by Northeast Show Award Winners

Artists and artworks from the WP&S 2003 Wisconsin Artists Biennial

Award Winners from the WP&S 2003 Wisconsin Artists Biennial

Featured Artist Judith Tomter
Architectural Details

Memorial Union : Host to WP&S 2003 Wisconsin Artist’s Biennial, Celebrates 75th Anniversary


Transition for Art in Wisconsin and