Articles about art books with a Wisconsin focus.
Beacons of the Earth and Sky, Paintings and Poetry Inspired by the Natural World
Randolph pays acute attention to nature

An Artistís Journey
A new book by Jean Judd

Lee Mothes, New Island, Extraordinary
A place that has a magical way of fading into and out of existence

Graphic Novel Reading List
Comics on serious topics

Book Review: Hidden Agenda
Bjerkeís book on going through a devastating medical procedure

Robert Schultz Drawings, 1990 - 2007
Closely observed and meticulously drawn figures

Dr. Evermore aka Tom Every: An Artisan of Delight
Beauty and design implicit in all metal objects

Book Review: Aaron Bohrod a Decade of Still Life
The unfolding of Bohrodís work

Book Review: Hanging by a thread
Kite photoraphy in Wisconsin

Famous Wisconsin Artists and Architects
Acclaimed artists and lesser-known artists of Wisconsin

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