Articles about selected WVA artists.
Featured Artist Johanna Axelrod
A curious artist, who challenges herself with new techniques

Featured Artist Deb Menz
a sewing machine as the “paint brush"

Featured Artist Nina Ghanbarzadeh
Would it be possible to communicate without being concerned with legibility or translation?

Featured Artist Joyce Eesley
A perpetual student who strives to continue to grow as an artist

Featured Artist William Millonig
Winner of all five of Wisconsin’s Conservation Stamp Contests

Featured Artist Karen Brittain
Very loose collages serve as starting points for her paintings

Featured Artist Terry A. Fischer
Watercolor portraits and landscape

Featured Artist Patrick Doughman
revitalizing the historic techniques of egg tempera

Featured Artist Don MacCrimmon
not-usually- visible things

Featured Artist Chuck Bauer
Plien air cityscapes

Featured Artist Paul Bobrowitz
found objects “call out” to Paul, “insisting they come to life as sculpture”

Featured Artist Josef-Peter Roemer
A mixture of exotic, ordinary, foreign, erotic, historical, actual, and archetypal

Featured Artist Susan Sveda-Uncapher
a quiet aesthetic

Featured Artist Claudette Lee-Roseland
active in the Wisconsin art scene

Featured Artist Patricia Duren
a variety of subject matter from landscapes to portraits

Featured Artist Jean M. Judd
Some of the nuances of Judd’s textile works could be missed at a glance...

Featured Artist Sara Willadsen
a curiosity for aesthetics and found materials

Featured Artist Katheryn Corbin
remarkable ceramic art

Featured Artist Nova Czarnecki
inner and outer worlds

Featured Artist Robin Jebavy
something infinite and enveloping

Featured Artist Elizabeth Breed
art as self-exploration

Featured Artist Christine Buth-Furness
abstracted portraits of places experienced, spaces navigated, and those imagined

Featured Artist Carol Pflughoeft
Digital photographs combined with fractal patterns

Featured Artist Jordan Acker Anderson
Painting as an act of meditation

Featured Artist Kay Brathol-Hostvet
Midwestern landscapes in acrylic and soft pastel

Featured Artist Gary John Gresl
Large site specific installations

Featured Artist Michelle Richeson
A kaleidoscope of colors

Featured Artist Elmer Petersen
Welded sculpture

Featured artist J.J. JOYCE

Featured Artist Marie Mellott
Using a variety of materials

Featured Artist Jane Fasse
Mining a lifelong library of sketches and studies

Featured Artist Nancy Monsebroten
Creation as a healing form of meditation

Featured Artist Liz Phillips
Inspired by her natural surroundings and her travels

Featured Artist Peter Dahlke
A confluence of intuitive and deliberative forces

Featured Artist Anthony Suminski
Works in egg tempra

Featured Artist Larry Booth
A true third dimension transforms wall art into a tactile as well as visual experience

Featured Artist Maureen Fritchen
Fritchen’s collage, encaustic and sculptural assemblages offer us a chance to enjoy the beauty of im

Featured Artist Patricia Keller
Utilizing unlikely color, gestural line, and texture.

Featured Artist Jerry Belland
Humor is radical honesty.

A passion for beauty and a fascination with vibrant color...

Nonobjective and stylized images on Yupo

Featured Artist Jean D. Sobon
A painter, poet, writer, recorder of dreams and traumas, instincts and ruminations

Featured Artist Kathie Wheeler
To smell the earth and be surrounded by birdsong is a gift.

Featured Artist Susan J. Atkinson
A moment of peacefulness

Featured Artist Mark Pflughoeft
The “Now-Here” series

 Featured Artist Gene Mihleisen
I bend and twist torn shapes into organic forms

Featured Artist Richard W. Patt
Barns in the Wisconsin Landscape

Featured Artist Robert Maynord
Beauty ... is found in relationship, in dialogue and balance.

Featured Artist RaeAnn Blom
an expressionistic, mixed media artist

Featured Artist Gwyned Trefethen
A quilter who morphed into a fiber artist.

Featured Artist Thomas Eddington
carved forms that express the idea of growth patterns within a universal life force

A sunny look at Wisconsin

Featured Artist Julie Briede Ibar
A close look at nature

Susan Martin
An artist from Waupaca

Featured Artist Cathy Jean Clark
Hummingbird Press

Jim Liedtke
Sculpture in wood

Featured Artist Karen Kurka Jensen
Works in Sumi-e

Evelyn Patricia Terry
Work by Milwaukee artist Evelyn Patricia Terry

Featured Artist Rachel Durfee
Durfee shares her thinking on making prints.

Vera Nikiforov
The creation of a portrait a complicated artistic process that thrills me each and every time

Featured Artist Kris Parins
Parins discusses mixing old and new technologies

Eddee Daniel - Inside/Outside
Photographer explores the mark of construction fences on the landscape

Featured Artist Helen Klebesadel
Visual exploration of orchids of Wisconsin and the vanilla plant.

Rita Yanny
Personal narratives that draw together experiences, dreams, stories, and emotions

Featured Artist Sally Berner
Interesting light can make an otherwise ordinary subject exciting

Ruth Muehlmeier
A longstanding WVA member

Featured Artist Amy E. Arntson
Both fragile and seemingly eternal

Featured Artist Ray Zovar
A depth of texture

Featured Artist Jeff Hargreaves
Tangible things represented eloquently

Featured Artist Katie Musloff
People are large fleshy props to be posed and molded into dynamic compositions

Featured Artist Jayne Reid Jackson
An energy and a rhythm in the composition

Featured Artist Kate Bradley
I take a large concept and re-picture it

Featured Artist Jill Verbick
Life is a challenging and informative teacher

Featured Artist Mike Watson
Paintings that are narrative or thematic

Featured Artist Mary Ann Carter
My abundant love of life shines through in my photographs.

Featured Artist Laura Ibbotson
Muted colors, soft organic shapes, and soft edges.

Featured Artist Dara Larson
I am most interested in space, intuitive geometry, fractals, tessellation and compartmentalization.

Featured Artist Lee Weiss
Go with the flow

Featured Artist William Schulman
A student of Joe Friebert, Robert Von Neumann and Elsa Ulbricht

Featured Artist Charles F. Wickler
I look for inspiration from casual encounters with words

Featured artist: Sarah Aslakson
An interested in how color itself, rather than shading or composition, affect mood

Featured artist: Cardi Toellner
Challenging myself to produce a fascinating photograph

Featured artist: Christine Style
Hybrid images that invite the viewer to contemplate unexpected possibilities

Featured artist: Sue Medaris
Sue lives on a farm in Southern Wisconsin amidst chickens, dogs, cats, peafowl, turkeys, and pigs

Featured Artist Michael Kutzer
I learned how to build up a painting from my father

Filmmaker from Albania

Featured artist Bonnie de Arteaga
I blend images from science, myth and nature

Featured Artist Vergi Driscoll
I immerse myself in the act of creating and solving the problems of painting in my studio

Featured Artist Peggy Flora Zalucha
When I first started painting in the medium, I was told “You can’t do that with watercolor”

Featured Artist George Ronsholdt
Inner worlds of memories and dreams

Featured Artist Bruce Niemi
If you studied my art you would know my heart

Featured Artist Ben Barwick
Sculpture must be touched to be completely experienced

Featured artist David Sear
Riverscapes, agricultural landscape, and local industrial scenes

Featured artist Lee Grantham
Reverse painting on plexiglass

Featured Artist Kerry Shea
Capturing honest emotions in clay

Featured Artist Kathy Armstrong
Nothing beats that moment... when I can start putting down color

Featured Artist Jason Fricke
A drawing style that reflects the ephemeral nature of the dance itself

Featured artist Charis Congail
Mr. Fixit loses his marbles

featured artist Nancy Lamers
Trying to find the meaning of life

“From the Mundane to the Marvelous”
symbolism and surrealism

Featured Artist Kiyong Bae
Dreams, stories and adventures

Featured Artist Janet Roberts
creating a small drama--setting a stage--that is static but has the possibility to become richer and

Featured Artist - Kaaren Oreck
A three step process in creating

Featured Artist Judith Tomter
Architectural Details

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