As a printmaker specializing in etching, mezzotint and monotype, I create still life images to express my interest in depth and light as I try to capture what is special about everyday objects. I turned to intaglio as a way to explore line, shape and shadow concentrating on the techniques that require drawing and painting skills as opposed to photographic or digital techniques. This has led me to the process of mezzotint, a technique that is experiencing a rebirth among printmakers for its rich velvety blacks and its nontoxic process.

My mezzotints are an examination of light and dark using the still life as vehicle to study how glass and simple objects can create an atmosphere of mystery and meaning by manipulating the shadows and reflections of the objects and their surroundings.

A Wisconsin native, I began my work in intaglio and monotype after joining a private print workshop, AGB Graphics, and currently work out of my home studio in Madison, WI. I am known internationally for my mezzotint work and they have been consistently accepted into national and international print shows, both juried and invitational. I am a member of several print societies across the US and exhibit regularly in their member exhibitions. My work has been included in the International Mezzotint Festival in Russia every biennial since its pre-conception in 2009. I am also the coordinator of the annual mezzotint exchange for the International Mezzotint Society and was recently named its Director.
Madison, WI
WVA membership status:
etching; monotype, mezzotint, color plate work, intaglio

And Still I Rise

Fallen Star

The Unkindest Cut

What Dreams May Come

Fruits of Love


Featured Artist Jayne Reid Jackson
An energy and a rhythm in the composition