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Stephanie LH Harvey's Artists Statement:
"I am often asked why I have chosen to make art. The answer always involves something the French sculptor Marisol said: 'I was born an artist. Afterwards, I had to explain to everyone just what that meant.' Although I am always trying to figure out exactly how and why art is such an enormous part of my life, I do know the importance of an artist´┐Żs ability to send a message to the community. For me, the traditional gendered roles need to be reevaluated. In my art, I strive to do this in any way that I can.
Much of my recent work comes from my feelings of being pulled two very different ways because I am a woman. I am torn between these two vividly different and wildly ensued people, or a place to call home in between the two. There is a maiden-named, tattooed, wild painter with gesso on her jeans and ink under her fingernails. She glamorously drinks and smokes at gallery openings and self-expresses at any and all costs. In opposition, sits the stay at home wife and mother of two. An apron-clad woman who can wipe runny noses, organize a church bake sale, and change a diaper in one motion.
For me, personally, rejecting the traditional feminine rolls has its consequences. Although I do not completely confine myself to the stereotypical housewife and mother, I feel pressure to demonstrate my womanhood. I find myself baking cupcakes more than necessary, insisting to wear mascara most every day, and proving my proficiency in other ´┐Żlady-like´┐Ż activities, in an attempt to somehow overcompensate for being a feminist. I wonder why I do not just think of myself as an artist, but as a female artist. Much of my inspiration for my art comes from these gender-geared labels and the connotations that float around them."

The visual artists that inspire Stephanie are Frida Kahlo, Swoon, Albrecht Durer, Benjamin D. Rinehart, Louise Bourgeois, Cindy Sherman, Banksy, and Annie Leibovitz. Stephanie got her start in black and white film in 2001 and frequently throughout the years has gone back to shooting in 35 mm film and working in the darkroom. In 2009, she turned her passion for digital photography into the start of a business, Boomerang Photography, in which she focuses on children portraiture. It wasn't until college when she discovered printmaking. Despite experimenting with lithography, relief printing, and serigraphy, she found a real love for intaglio- specifically drypoints. She will obtain her Bachelors Degree in Fine Art from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in late 2012. She currently resides in Kimberly, WI with her husband, two children and pets.
Kimberly, WI
WVA membership status:
Photographer, printmaker